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COVID-19 and MODS Program Information Page

Please use this page as your hub for MODS protocols regarding outdoor and indoor return to participate and return to play guidelines. We will also include other support documents for our fields and venues on this page. Please check back often for updates.

Forms, Documents and Printable Information

COVID-19 Guidance Flowchart

Sport Manitoba has supplied this COVID-19 Guidance document on how to handle isolation in cases where someone may be a close contact to a known case.

Outdoor Protocols

This tab will link you with the two stages and protocols governing MODS outdoor activities during the pandemic. All protocols are reviewed by Sport Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba, the MODS office and Board of Directors. Note MODS has recently updated our RTP to allow spectators and has removed the mask mandate for entering and exiting the fields.

Indoor Protocols

This tab will link you with the protocols governing MODS indoor activities during the pandemic. All protocols are reviewed by Sport Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba, the MODS office and Board of Directors.

Roster Sheets (For Every Game)

Please complete this roster sheet for each game you play. The sheet should only list the people who played in that game and should be given to MODS staff at the venues no later than halftime of that game. If you can fill out the form with your roster info prior to the season we can print off sheets for your games (email here). You can also print these off yourself or a blank template will be provided at the fields. Please note: that each players name and phone number need to be added and you must clearly indicate who was at each game each week.

Participant Agreement (COVID-19)

We are happy to announce that the COVID waivers have been integrated into the site and are part of signing up for your membership and accepting your normal player waiver (assumption of risk for Jr's).

Fields and Zones at IJL Ultimate Park

There are several pages linked to this button giving an overview of fields, layout and parking at Maple Grove Park and IJL Ultimate Park for summer programs in 2020.

League, Program and Event Updates

Below is the historical records of COVID-19 updates and how the impacted our leagues

Code Orange - Winnipeg Region

Update from Sport Manitoba on sports and activity during the city of Winnipeg Orange Alert running for 4 weeks starting Monday September 28th.

Sport Manitoba & Public Health Update

Please see the latest update from Sport MB and Public Health (Manitoba) on risks of indoor play and possible outcomes by Public Health in case of a COVID-19 outbreak within a sports program.

MODS to Suspend Indoor League Play

The Board of Directors has met and voted to suspend league play to help keep our community safe and limit the potential spread of COVID-19 at our indoor leagues and venues.

Sport Manitoba update on Winnipeg Region and Code Red

This update share the Sport Manitoba release and reminders of upcoming statements from the board and office on November 9th.

MODS Board of Directors Update - October 28th

This update touches on the suspension of indoor league play due to worsening COVID-19 factors within Winnipeg and Manitoba.