Position Name: Secretary
Originally Board Approved: November 28, 2018
Last Revised: N/A
Last Reviewed: N/A


The Secretary is responsible for all minutes, records, and correspondence of board meetings and the AGM of MODS. They are also responsible for keeping clear and thorough archives of MODS information.


The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of a contact list of board members and committee and working group members and ensures that all members sign appropriate disclosures.
  • Ensuring records are stored properly on the MODS SharePoint site in a manner that they can be easily retrieved by anyone who needs them, to minimize institutional knowledge loss.
  • The Secretary works with the President in ensuring board meetings are organized and run efficiently. 

Deliverables include:

  • The accurate recording and distribution of the minutes of Board of Directors meetings.
  • If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting where minutes or notes are to be taken, it is the secretary’s responsibility to find an alternate.
  • The creation and maintenance of an action items list assigned to board members and staff and outlining matters to be on the board’s agenda over the course of a year.


  • The Secretary is appointed, following the AGM, by way of majority vote among the board of directors. 
  • The Secretary’s term is one year in length, such that a second year in the role requires re-appointment by the board even where the person’s two-year term as a director has not yet elapsed.
  • The maximum consecutive term is four years.
  • All aspects of the Member at Large’s prescribed term – as outlined in the terms of reference for that role – apply equally to the Secretary as a member of the board.