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Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is the sanctioned Provincial Sport Organization at Sport Manitoba in charge of delivering disc sports in Manitoba.

Our 5,000+ members and 2,000 participants include athletes, officials, fundraisers, administrators, and volunteers who work to provide the best ultimate experience possible. The success of MODS programs relies on the skills, enthusiasm, and commitment of our volunteers, so we're thrilled that you're interested in joining our community. 

Benefits of Volunteering with MODS

  • Help athletes from all backgrounds and abilities to reach their full potential
  • Improve your coaching and/or administrative skills for personal and professional development
  • Build your resume
  • Have the opportunity for travel and to experience competitions from the Regional to the International level
  • Build friendships and make networking connections
  • Pursue training and continuing education
  • Stay active in sport and in your community
  • Use your skills to help others
  • Gain volunteer hours for school programs
  • Participate in recognition events
  • Experience the joy of working with our athletes and programs to capture Spirit of the Game

Event Volunteers

MODS events include tournaments, camps, and skills clinics, plus special events such as the national and world championships. All of our events are made possible by volunteers who share their time and talents with us. Check out the list below to see which events currently need volunteers. 

Event Opportunities

Middle School and High School Provincial Championships

  • Held annually, the weekend after May long
  • Volunteers needed for parking, disc central, program promotions

Beat the Skeeters Adult Mixed Tournament 

  • Always the second weekend in June
  • Volunteers needed for parking, disc central, gate check, beer garden security

Manitoba Cup Adult Mixed Tournament (Season Ending Championships)

  • Last weekend in August
  • Volunteers needed for parking, disc central, gate check, beer garden security

MODS Summer Captains Meetings

  • Held on two weeknights in the first week of May
  • Volunteers needed for information collection and attendance, merchandise and membership sales

MODS Indoor High School Tournament

  • Last weekend in April
  • Volunteers needed for field marshall, time keeper, score collections, merchandise sales 

Apply to Volunteer

Fill out the Volunteer Application Form and submit it to  MODS. We will contact you within five business days to explain the volunteer roles, the screening process for specific roles, and training opportunities. 

For more information about volunteering please contact MODS by email, or call (204) 925-5665.


Coaches are the lifeblood of MODS, helping to teach our juniors and new adults the basics of the game and foundation of Spirit of the Game. Coaching within most MODS programs is governed by the National Coaching Certification Program and coaches are safetied through Sterling Background Checks and the Respect in Sport Program. Fees from our pregaming help provide honorariums for our coaches' time and commitment. Coaches are needed for these MODS programs:

Coaching Opportunities

Winnipeg Youth Ultimate League (WYUL)

Help provide training for young athletes in three different age classes and programs through our WYUL 9-11, WYUL 12-15, and WYUL High School (HS). This team of coaches works with athletes to improve basic motor skills and teach sport-specific skills following LTAD models and a MODS curriculum. Programs run in the spring/summer, fall, and winter. The time commitment is one sessions per week for 1.5 hours (one hour on field and half hour before practice for set-up and communication

Provincial Team – Team Manitoba 

Join the team coaches who provide training for our elite junior stream through our provincial team program. This program follows LTAD adherence for athlete development and planning. All coaches are expected to take direction from MODS and work with each other to help promote the development pathway from youngest teams in the program in the Train to Play Phase all the way to the MOFO teams who are competing for national championships and recognitions with the Junior National Team of Canada. Coaches in this program must have Respect in Sport, NCCP certification and be willing to submit planning and review work as part of their coaching duties.

MODS Holiday Classic Camp and Tournament

Coach youth for two days during the holiday break each year at the annual Holiday Classic. On the first day, coaches will work to deliver skills and drills to athletes, working their way up to multi-skill and small games by days end. The second day sees coaches work together to make teams and put athletes into game situations, revisiting skills from day one in random environments. This is a short-term commitment. Coaches in this program are usually Team Manitoba coaches, elite High School coaches or members of our adult touring and national teams.

MagiCuts Youth Clinic

Join our team coaches to work with youth for one intensive day during the spring holiday break each year at MagiCuts. Prior to the event, coaches usually participate in a weekend coaching workshop with a guest MODS presenter. That presenter then works with the coaches to host a youth clinic for a day. While the coaches focus on the kids and offer them feedback, the developer works with the coaches so they receive feedback. The complete learning cycle offers everyone in attendance a chance to grow through the sport of Ultimate. This is a short-term commitment. Coaches in this program are usually Team Manitoba coaches, elite High School coaches or members of our adult touring and national teams.

Apply to Coach

Fill out the Volunteer Application Form and submit it to MODS. We will contact you with more information about coaching with MODS, the screening process for specific roles, and training opportunities. 

For more information please contact MODS by email, or call (204) 925-5665.

Working Groups

Working groups are volunteer committees that work toward a project or goal. The group includes people with specific skills, who work together to advise the MODS staff or board within the timelines of the goal.  

Active Working Groups

Volunteer Working Group

This working group currently does not have a head but reports to Operations Director  .Through this working group, MODS plans its volunteers and assignments for events throughout the year. 

2 x Junior Working Groups

MODS has two working groups which meet to target and talk about junior programming. One of the working groups focuses on school play and development while the other working group focuses on elite development through the Team Manitoba pathway. Both working groups are led by MODS Board of Director members Robin Merasty & Kari Bergmuller.

Apply to Join a Working Group

Members of our Working Groups are typically recruited for their specific talents, but we also invite applications from our members and the broader community. To apply for a Working Group, send your application to the MODS President


MODS committees are similar to working groups in that they bring together groups of experts and invested members to help advise and do work to support the MODS office, board, and organization. Committees are different from Working Groups in that they do not have an end date and instead they repeat their tasks each year in an effort to continually update and improve the organization.

Active Committees

Treasury Committee

This group meets under the direction and supervision of the MODS Board of Directors Treasurer and reports to the MODS Board of Directors and President. For more information please reach out to MODS Treasurer.

Women's Committee

This group meets monthly to talk about the growth and needs of women's programming for Ultimate in Manitoba and offers reports and reccomendations to the MODS Board of Directors. The current board representative on the women's committee is Board Member Kari Bergmuller.

Fields's Committee

This group meets seasonaly to talk about the growth and needs of fields as they relate to member comments and programming needs for Ultimate in Manitoba. The current representative on the committee is vacant / TBD, questions / comments can be sent to Corey Draper.

Personnel Committee

This group meets regularly to discuss matters related to HR, staff, new hires and working environment for MODS. The head of the Personnel Committee is MODS President.

Conduct Committee

This group meets when triggered through complaints or concerns brought up by members based off their interaction and experiences with other members. The representation of the board on this committee is Board Member Serena Vandersteen.

Governance & Policy Committee

Governance and Policy members work to review the current MODS polcies each year, create new policies and they look at the way we operate within the MODS organization and also with our strategic partners. The MODS Board is represented by Kari Bergmuller within this group.

Communications Committee

MODS is working to improve how we gather information, plan our programs and events, and take in information from our community. Nigel Batchelor from the MODS Board of Directors is in charge of this committee.

Apply for a Committee

Members of our Committees are typically recruited for their specific talents, but we also invite applications from our members and broader community. To apply for a Committee, send your application to the MODS President

Board of Directors

MODS is run by a volunteer board of directors. We're grateful to the individuals on our board who contribute their time and talents. Go to the Board of Directors page to learn more about our current board members.