Refund Policy

Owner: Treasurer
Originally Board Approved: March 22 2017
Last Revised: October 26, 2020
Last Reviewed: October 26, 2020

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process and the situations for which MODS will refund purchases of services and/or products. 

2.0 Policy/Protocol

This policy covers all transactions conducted with MODS, unless explicitly overridden by a written contract with MODS.

2.1 MODSMembership Fees

MODS will issue a full refund of membership fees within the first 30 days for which membership was purchased on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund or transferral of fees to another player, the MODS member must contact MODS staff directly and provide any relevant documentation (medical, etc.) to support this request. There will be no refunds or transferring of fees to another player after this 30-day period.

2.2 Team and Individual Registration Fees

MODS will refund fees submitted for team registration and individual league registration subject to the following conditions: 

2.2.1 An administrative fee of 5% will be retained on all refunds processed for an individual or team registration.

2.2.2 There will be no refunds issued to teams/individuals who have their membership status suspended or revoked for disciplinary reasons.

2.2.3 Teams/Individuals requesting a refund two or more weeks prior to the start of a season/league will be refunded 100% of the league fee. 

2.2.4 Teams/Individuals requesting a refund between one to two weeks prior to the start of a season/league will be charged 50% of the league fee.

2.2.5 Teams/Individuals requesting a refund within one week of the start of the season/league or once the season has begun will not be refunded.

2.2.6 If an event or program is full and an individual or team has paid and is not allowed to participate, a full refund will be provided. 

2.2.7 If a team/individual on a waitlist is able to fill any spaces left open by teams/individuals requesting a refund, then the teams/individual leaving will be entitled to a full refund.

2.2.8 Individual events, tournaments, and programs may have their own refund rules concerning fees and deposits. In those cases, the individual event or program refund rules take precedence if they differ from the rules listed in this policy.

2.3 Youth Touring and Club Teams

In the event that a player wishes to withdraw from a youth touring or club team, the player must email the team captains and MODS staff to confirm their withdrawal from the program. Costs above team fees, including transportation, hotel, and kit will be considered separately. A refund schedule will be determined prior to the program start. 

2.4 League and Game Cancellation

2.4.1 Cancellations of League Programming: MODS reserves the right to cancel league programming. Factors considered may include, but are not limited to, low registration, risk to the health and safety of teams/individuals, and closure of facilities.

2.4.2 Refunds and Compensation due to Cancellation. MODS will examine the situation and consider if a prorated refund or compensation will be provided when the loss of games meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Played less than 70% of scheduled games;
  2. Had 3 or more games cancelled that were not rescheduled.

2.4.3 ExclusionsRefunds do not apply to forfeiture or loss of games due to the conduct of individuals/teams.

2.4.4 Cancellations due to WeatherBoth athletes and MODS share the risk of weather issues at events. Teams/individuals will not be refunded for games cancelled or shortened due to weather.


All merchandise is final sale. MODS will not issue refunds on merchandise.

2.6 NSF Cheques

MODS will charge a rate equivalent to the fee charged by the financial institution per cheque that is returned due to “insufficient funds”. The original amount of the item must be paid in full to MODS with credit card, certified cheque or money order immediately. 

2.7 Appeal

The decision may be appealed in accordance with the MODS Appeals Policy.