UCC Delegates Protocol

Owner: MODS Board of Directors
Originally Board Approved: September 24, 2018
Last Revised: N/A
Last Reviewed: N/A


This document exists to guide the selection of delegates to represent MODS at the annual Ultimate Canada Conference.



The Ultimate Canada Conference serves as a forum for the exchange of strategic and tactical ideas among national, provincial and municipal and governing bodies (and other key administrators) for the sport of Ultimate in Canada.


In accordance with MODS’ Gender Equity Policy, the organization is committed to having equal gender representation at the UCC, which is the largest and most important gathering of Ultimate administrators in Canada. 


  1. Any staff or board member to initiate selection process, in advance of the conference.
  2. In consultation with MODS’ treasurer and in view of board-approved budget for the year, identify what portion of conference expenses is to be covered for delegates. Consider potentially funding different portions for staff vs all other. (e.g. 100% for staff; lower % OR flat $ for other) Keep in mind that the lower the subsidy per person, the more people we can send but the more difficulty we will have finding those people.
  3. Based on the above, determine how many staff and other delegates are to be sponsored for the conference. Aim for an even number.
  4. Half the delegation slots to be allocated to people identifying of each gender. (Only in the event of an uneven total number of delegates will there be one more delegate of either gender.)
  5. For each gender, allocate slots by right of first refusal, in descending priority order as follows:
    1. Staff, by descending order of tenure. (Most times we should be aiming to structure the budget such that all staff can attend, but we may run into cases where that’s not financially feasible.)
    2. MODS President
    3. Board members, in descending order of tenure (flip a coin to break ties).
    4. If spots are still available after the above, proceed to targeted member recruitment (rewarding key volunteers with subsidies, as appropriate) or general recruitment.