Indoor Rule Amendments

Winter / Indoor League Rule Amendments

Length of Game

  • Games are played to time rather than points. (Section V in 11th edition rules is irrelevant)
  • Games last until the end of the allotted time slot. The end of the slot is reached as confirmed by a mutually agreed timepiece, if a point is in progress when the time ends, play ceases immediately and the point is not completed. Exception: If the game is a playoff game AND the score is tied when time runs out, complete the point in progress to determine a winner. 
  • Regular season games may end in a tie after the last point. If the game is a playoff game and ends in a tie after the last point, play one additional point to determine the winner. In a playoff game a point can't be started in the last 60 seconds of the game unless the score is tied.
  • There is no requirement to win by two or more points.


  • There are no team time-outs in indoor (VI.B). Injury time-outs, and equipment timeouts to replace a broken (not merely warped) disc or to correct hazardous or illegal equipment, are allowed.


  • If a disc hits a wire between fields, a banner or any object outside of the playing field it is a turnover and is considered to have become out of bounds where it contacted the object. (IX.E). If the disc hits any part of the ceiling over the field, the disc is dead at that point and is put into play on the field nearest to where it contacted the ceiling. Note if the disc crossed the perimeter line before contacting the out-of-bounds object, it is returned to play at the point where it last crossed the line (IX.H.1).
  • If a pull lands out-of-bounds without being touched, or hits anything outside the field (including overhanging wires, banners and curtains) before being touched, it is out-of-bounds at that point and may be taken either at the brick mark (see above) or at the middle of the field parallel to where it became out-of-bounds.

Stall Count

  • For indoor the stall count is reduced to 7. (Disc is down on the "S" of seven)
  • After a call that stops play, the count is resumed as follows:
    • After a pick, contested foul or violation, offsetting calls, or unresolved calls:  Count reached plus 1, or 4 if over 3
    • After a contested stall:  5
    • All other calls stopping play:  Count reached plus 1, or 6 if over 5


  • Players may only be on the roster of 1 team in the same division. (Players can play on multiple teams provided that they are in different divisions).