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Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) offers a variety of leagues for you to choose from year-round. All players must purchase a MODS membership to participate in our leagues and programs. 

MODS follows the USAU 11th edition rules, with our own Winnipeg Ultimate League Amendments. If you have questions about MODS Leagues or Programs please contact the Operations Director, Corey Draper, (204) 232-7637.

Developmental and Beginners

Our Developmental and Beginner's Program introduces new players to the rules, strategy, and skills of ultimate. Most importantly, participants will learn about Spirit of the Game from our MODS mentors. 

The beginners group meets weekly for practice and instruction before playing a game. Participants are divided into teams, and will take part in our summer league, which starts after the July long weekend. After a full season of play, participants from the beginner program often create a team to continue playing in one of our many leagues. 

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Our Leagues

MODS uses multiple rounds to re-seed teams. Our goal is to have teams playing as many games as possible against teams of similar skill level. 


Single-gender leagues are offered for various skill levels. Some of these are draft leagues where players submit their names and may or may not be selected. Our developmental single-gender leagues are open to anyone.

Our single-gender leagues are based on individual registration. For Individuals without a team, some leagues offer a Free Agent option, allowing people to sign up as an individual, a couple, or a small group to be placed on a team. A minimum number of players is required to create a Free Agent team within a league. MODS will do everything we can to place you with a Free Agent team or find you a spot on an existing team.


Mixed-gender leagues are our most popular programs. We offer four nights of mixed 7-on-7 team play in the summer (May to August) as well as a fall outdoor league (September to October). In October we transition to indoors where mixed is played 5-on-5 (we also have a small 4-on-4 league). For our 7-on-7 format, the typical team size is 14 people (minumum of 12) with a 4:3 gender ratio. Participants must register as a team for all mixed leagues. Individuals, couples and small groups can use the "Free Agency" option for leagues that offer it.

Parity League

The Parity League is a unique program MODS runs in the spring and fall. Based on individual registration, the mixed league plays indoor 5-on-5. Players are assigned to a team by the league and each team has a general manager (coach). What makes Parity League unique is that stats are tracked during the game by the teams. These stats are used to calculate fake salaries for each player. Team must make trades once a week to keep their team under a salary cap. This is a great way to meet new people as participants may end up on several teams throughout the season. It’s also a great way to learn more about the game. The format of the league allows players of all skill levels to play together in a fun and supportive environment.

Parity leagues are attractive for several reasons:

  • Relatively balanced games every week, with no blowouts
  • Opportunity to play with, and get to know, different players; even greater variety than a typical ‘hat’ league, due to trades
  • Tracking of statistics provides opportunity for quantitative feedback on your game
  • Indoor play is ‘weatherproof’, during early season when rainouts or field conditions lead to above average number of cancelations for outdoor league

Starting a Team

Teams should be registered by a team captain. Captains are our greatest resource, liaising with MODS and team members, promoting leagues and events, and enforcing ultimate rules and Spirit of the Game. All team captains should review MODS captains's information and responsibilities



Each team needs to have their own set of 14 cones, which can be purchased through MODS ($24 - taxes included -  for the set, pick up at the Captain’s Meeting or in our office) or through a sports store. To order, contact Corey, (204) 925-5665.


We recommend Discraft discs, and advise against cheaper discs sold at some local stores. Discs can be purchased through MODS at our office or at league meetings and events. Teams should start with at least five good discs. A few local stores do sell Discraft.


All players are required to wear closed toe athletic footwear. Metal cleats are not allowed. Playing barefoot is not permitted.

The MODS forum is back and made easy for 2019...

Are you a Player Looking for a Team? There are two steps to helping you out. Step 1 - You fill out the Google Form online and create a profile. Step 2 - Sit back as your profile finds a home on the master list (Google Sheet) of all players looking for teams. Captains who are in need of athletes will be looking at this list to find players for mixed league rosters in March, April and May.

Are you a Team (Captain) Looking for Players to round out your roster? There are two steps to helping you out. Step 1 - You fill out the Google Form online and create a profile for you as a captain of a team looking for athletes and support. Step 2 - Sit back as your profile finds a home on the master list (Google Sheet) of all teams looking for players. Athletes in need of teams will be looking at this list to find new spots to play as well as homes for mixed league rosters in March, April and May.

Are you a player who can substitute (SUB) and help a team in need for a game or two? Or are you a team in need of a substitute to help avoid a forfeit or add some numbers on short notice? Athletes looking to sub can add their names and contact information to the master list. Captains, please check back often to see which players might be able to help you out in a pinch!