MODS Statement to the Members

MODS Update May 21st, 2020

Progress on "Return to Play" - MODS continues to take in information and collaborative insights from our partners at Ultimate Canada, Sport Manitoba and other large sport organizations as we work to complete our initial draft of "return to play protocols" for both Ultimate and Disc Golf. We are hoping to have our documents into Sport Manitoba in the near future and with their approval they will be passed on to the Province of Manitoba for final approval.

Unfortunately there is no timeline or deadline for the Province to approve sports and their modifications for a return to play (only golf and tennis have been approved to date), so we are unable to offer any kind of timeline or dates as of yet. However we want all our Ultimate and Disc Golf members to know that the staff and board are working towards a resumption (with approval from Sport MB and the Province) every day and week.

MODS Return to Play Update – May 5th, 2020

We understand there are a lot of questions about “return to play” and what that means for sports in Manitoba. Specifically, our members are asking about Ultimate leagues and disc golf, and so we at MODS want to address “return to play” and our part in helping disc sports return to action in Manitoba.

Our first commitment is to your safety…

MODS will not return to any form of sport, gatherings, programs or sanctioned activities until we are assured by both Sport Manitoba and the Provincial Health Minister that it is safe to do. While we are working daily to create plans and options for a safe return to play, we will not rush the process at the cost of health or safety. We are taking every step to ensure that when cleats hit grass, or discs hit chains that everyone can feel safe with the modified rules, guidelines and measures that our sports have adopted.

MODS has a pathway to follow…

As a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) under the umbrella of Sport Manitoba, all sports must complete a pathway of approval and vetting before their sport can return to play. This process requires oversight, approval of plans and return to insurance before sanctioned sports can offer services.

MODS will now take on the process to create documents and plans for camps, clinics and small games which will be reviewed by the MODS office, then the MODS board of directors and finally Ultimate Canada. Once all three levels of Ultimate oversight have approved of the return to play modifications and plans, they will be sent to Sport Manitoba.

Sport Manitoba begins the final approval process for any sports to return to play. They will review all documents and proposed activities and once they are satisfied, they will forward the proposals to the Province of Manitoba where the Health Minister makes the final decision. Once MODS has approved plans from both Sport Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba, we can then re-instate our insurance which means we can resume sport in two weeks time from that point.

The timelines for us to return to play are fluid…

The task of modifying sport and taking on new measures for safety will take time to both create and then edit through all the levels. Manitoba is one of the first provinces returning to a “new normal” and so much of this is being created and worked on in real time, and so we ask for your patience… as we committed to you – we won’t rush a return to sport at the cost of safety.

Once the paperwork and planning are done and approved by everyone involved in the process, there will still be a 2-week waiting period for the insurance to return to a live status and cover our members and venues.

And so, a return to play is going to take time. Please know that we are working diligently on a plan to return to play, but the timeline remains unknown as we navigate unprecedented territory. We are committed to returning in a prompt and safe manner and will provide updates as progress is made towards reaching this goal.

We’re here to hear you…

We value all opinions in this unusual time.

If you would like to talk to the head of the board, please reach out to our President Rob by email

If you would like to talk about specific programs, please reach out to the head of operations Corey by email

If you would like to talk about anything related to MODS as a whole or Team Manitoba, please reach out to the head of business Sean by email

We are happy to talk by email, to set up time for a phone call or even a zoom meeting. Please reach out for any reason.

May 21, 2020 at 11:09am