Ultimate Canada Throwing Tips

As many parts of Canada are easing restrictions around COVID-19, we know you are all excited to get out and play. Provincial and local governments have different (and evolving) restrictions on throwing a disc in a public space.

Before doing so, please review those restrictions as well as the requirements for the number of people in a social gathering. Ultimate Canada has prepared these Return to Throwing tips for those individuals who are permitted to throw a disc in a public space and who are voluntarily choosing to do so. In providing these tips, Ultimate Canada does not assume any liability for possible COVID-19 exposure by a participant.

These tips are not legal advice. If you are heading out to throw, here are some tips around maintaining physical distancing and good sanitation.

1 Before heading out, make sure you know the Canadian health guidelines that apply to your Province/Territory and Municipality. If you are in a vulnerable group (elderly, pre-existing health condition) review the health guidelines that apply to you. Ensure that throwing a disc is an approved activity as restrictions vary across the country.

2 Individuals should not share personal gear with their throwing partner(s) and should not share items or equipment such as a water bottle, towel, hand sanitizer, or disinfecting wipes.

3 Before you pack your bag, make sure you disinfect the disc you plan on using. A list of Health Canada approved disinfectants can be found here.

4 When you arrive, all throwing partners should disinfect their hands and you should disinfect the disc you plan on using a second time.

5 Ensure that you maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other at all times which includes everyone else in the park or green space, not just the people you are throwing with. As some throws may be errant, it is important to have additional space from other people as a buffer.

6 Avoid contact with others (high fives, etc.) before, during and after throwing. Avoid touching your face while throwing.

7 If throwing for a longer period of time, consider pausing to wash/disinfect your hands and the disc.

8 When you are done throwing for the day, sanitize your hands and disinfect the disc.

9 When you arrive home, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water, and disinfect your disc one more time so that you are ready for the next time you go out and throw.

June 5, 2020 at 4:18pm