*FREE* Ultimate Coaching Forum 2019

Ultimate Coaching Forum 2019

Who: Any School or Team Coach

What: Free forum - everyone welcome - everyone expected to participate and share!

Where: St John's-Ravenscourt School (400 South Drive)

When: Saturday April 20th, 2019 ~ 9:00am to 1:00pm (chance to finish early)

Why: This is a free opportunity for coaches to share and talk about drills, skills and ideas around programming and development.


Where to Meet... Please join us in classroom 108 at 9:00am. The group will introduce themselves and then move to the gym.

What to Bring... Please bring gym shoes and clothing, a disc or two and anything you need to take notes or share ideas.

What to Expect... There is no leader at this session, instead this is an open and round table forum. The group can work as one master group or can break into smaller groups based on need and space requirements. We are hoping that coaches and program leaders will come out to ask the group questions like "what is you favorite drill and why?", "how do we develop spirit with younger/older athletes?", "what different defensive/offensive systems do you use?". There are no wrong questions or ideas and only the best of intentions from people looking to share and grow. So come out, meet other members of our community and learn from each other as we offer this forum for the first time ever!

Thank You

A big thanks to Dean Wright for bringing this idea and request to the MODS office. This is part of Dean's vision for development, sharing and building our coaching and junior communities. Thank you Dean for bringing this idea to light!!!

Another big thanks to SJR School for allowing us to use their classroom, gym and facilities for this event and all our coaching development programs in 2019!

Last but not least, Thank You to all our Coaches who make their schools, the lives of their kids and all their communities stronger by coaching and building leaders through sport. Without you, we wouldn't have youth Ultimate and chances to share openly like this Forum.

March 12, 2019 at 3:30pm