MODS and DGM Update

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sport (MODS) and Disc Golf Manitoba (DGM) have parted ways for the 2020 season and will meet in the late fall of 2020 to discuss a possible return to partnership & collaboration in 2021.

Disc Golf Manitoba (DGM) reached out to MODS and requested to run their own events this year, giving them the ability to use their own committees Return to Play protocols and enabling them to partner with the PDGA. This request has allowed for an agreed upon break in partnership between the two organizations with a commitment to meet in November or December of this year and look at what options exist for the two organizations moving forward (taking into account the ever changing landscape of COVID-19 as well as the development models of Ultimate and Disc Golf).

We have consulted with Sport Manitoba who advised us to ensure our community knew of these changes and to direct our members to approach Disc Golf Manitoba for questions about disc golf for this year. MODS has also removed the DGM page and committee (which has been dissolved) on our website to prevent any confusion about who is offering which programs, leagues or events. 

For those looking for DGM, please visit their Facebook page here and direct questions to their moderators.

MODS would like to thank everyone on the Disc Golf Manitoba committee for volunteering their help in building the sport of disc golf in our community. We wish them well this season.

July 27, 2020 at 2:29pm
Disc Golf