Volunteers Needed for MODS Committees

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is seeking volunteers from our community to fill several committee needs. We have shared information about those committees and contacts for each in the sections below. The MODS committees are vital to ensuring balanced growth of the organization and a successful restart in 2021, given current pandemic conditions.

Governance Committee

Governance and Policy members work to review the current MODS policies each year, create new policies and they look at the way we operate within the MODS organization and with our strategic partners. The MODS Board is represented by Kari Bergmuller within this group which meets via zoom (or in person when safe to do so) and also shares documentation in digital format (shared docs, emails, etc.). The governance committee is essential to all facets of MODS and successful Sport Manitoba annual review.

Communications Committee

MODS is working to improve how we gather information, plan our programs and events, and take in information from our community. Nigel Batchelor from the MODS Board of Directors oversees this committee which will meet several times per year to look at MODS social media imprint, newsletter and other communication vehicles. This group may also get projects to review from the office before they are sent out to members (surveys etc.).


MODS has two working groups which meet to target and talk about junior programming. One of the working groups focuses on school play and development while the other working group focuses on elite development through the Team Manitoba pathway. Both working groups are led by MODS Board of Directors member Margaret Gobert.

Junior Working Group - School League and Provincial Championships

This working group meets in April, May and June to review plans for the upcoming school leagues and provincial championships. April meetings are focused on the middle school and high school leagues, May meetings look at the upcoming provincial tournament and grad all-star event and the final meeting in June/July reviews the year and makes recommendations for the following season.

Junior Elite Stream Working Group - Team Manitoba and Ultimate Canada Junior Championships

This working group meets in April, June and September to review planning around the Team Manitoba provincial team program, which is the MODS elite junior program for athletes between the ages of 13 and 18. The April meeting looks at the tryout process taking place throughout May as well as the parent meeting taking place once teams are selected and tryouts completed. The June meeting reviews tournaments, travel and national championships while the September meeting reviews the season and offers suggestions for the following year.


November 26, 2020 at 9:25am