MODS Annual Report 2019-20

2019-20 MODS Annual Report

We've brought back an old tradition to close our the year with the MODS Annual Report. Our aim with this document is to help improve understanding of the organization and its operations while improving on our transparency and communication.

The layout and content follows the online version of Ultimate Canada's annual report. When coming back to this reporting tradition, we wanted to be somewhat consistent with how our parent organization was reporting as our starting point. The UC annual report is also very well done and informative, which gave us a good understanding of what may be valuable to our members. Anyone reading the MODS version will see some changes and additions that we thought would be valuable.

One of those areas is our financial section. While this is not found in the Ultimate Canada version, we did want to open the window to MODS finance, and start the process of reporting on our revenues, expenses and year end position. We are bound by certain rules on what we can share, but that doesn't mean we can't make changes for next year or at the AGM to offer more information.

To be honest, we can change any of the materials that are listed within this report moving forward... That's the great thing about bringing back this tradition and sharing the sum of a year with all our members, we can continue to grow and evolve the reporting to offer the reader more of what they're after.

Thank you to Ultimate Canada for providing the inspiration and pathway, thank you to the MODS Board, Corey Draper and Marissa Naylor for their work on this project, thank you to the MODS sponsor and partners, who continue to support us even during a pandemic and most importantly, thank you to the members. Without you, this report would be a blank page. You fill our organization with spirit of the game and we are grateful for your support.


The MODS Board of Directors and the MODS Office

December 31, 2020 at 12:47pm