Thank You Letter From Sean Seywright

It was six years ago that I was able to join this amazing organization and community, thanks to people like Neal Smith Windsor, Karla Pratt, Billy Donaldson and AJ Hunter.

Those six years have been some of my most memorable and happiest working in sport. I have been blessed to see the expansion of our junior programs, especially our elite programs where we were able to create support for athletes and families, promote women coaching women and continued the tradition of winning national events.

I have watched as we expanded our footprint in the province with new schools, communities and towns. We’ve entered into new venue partnerships, while watching the original Ultimate fields at Assiniboine Park change as they took out baseball diamonds and put Ultimate fields in their place – truly a full circle moment.

Our own park has grown with new pathways and shade structures. Gone are the days of the Golf Dome and in place are ultra modern indoor facilities across the city. Our outreach is strong, our bank accounts are healthy, our website is helpful and clean and we have survived a pandemic…

While I won’t take credit for any of those items listed above, I am incredibly proud to have been part of those changes and processes and even prouder of the people who have allowed me to learn from them and collaborate with them as those upgrades and changes came to fruition. I take pride in having been a part of change and bettering the community I joined.

I want to say thank you to Jonathan and Jeremy from IJL. You give so much to our community and your support is helping the growth of the organization in so many ways. I want to reach out to Jess and Nicole of the women’s committee and say how amazed I am that you keep finding time to help grow and expand the community while supporting the growth of Ultimate. Jen and Dean in our coaching community, you have done more than I have seen in 25 years of any sport to grow juniors and coaching. Ultimate Canada will have a place for you in their hall of fame one day as the count on ultimate players you have helped bring to the sport numbers in the thousands. Adriana and the team at VC Ultimate, you lead by so much example and heart, I feel so privileged to meet a business leader and owner to walks every step of their talk and wakes up working to make the world a better place each day. Mr. Danny Saunders, the work you have done for Manitoba and Canada is unprecedented, and your leadership is always calm and by example. I hope everyone around the country knows just how much of your life you have given to growing a sport on the fields and in the board room. Thank you for the organization you helped grow and the work you do daily.

I would also like to say thank you to Corey Draper. When I started 6 years ago you were a great co-worker. As I step away all this time later, you are more like a brother than anything else. Watching you give so much to the community and sport (while also becoming a great husband and father along the way) has been inspirational and I give thanks daily you came into my life and have been such a great friend and partner in the office.

To all the members (those mentioned and the numerous ones I couldn’t add) who make this organization what it is, I am blown away... By your passion for sport, by the incredible amount of time you put into volunteering, to your constant drive to be a leader in sport for inclusion and for introducing Spirit of the Game to me and embodying it in everything you do on and off the field. There has been no other experience where I have met a group like this organizations members and I have nothing but the highest regard and immense love for everyone who supports and contributes to MODS and a better community through healthy living and sport.

These were truly some of the best years of my life and I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Sean Seywright – Former Business and Sport Development Director, MODS

March 24, 2021 at 6:10pm