Letter from the President - July 2021

Note the message below was written before the most recent updates from the Province last Wednesday.

MODS will follow all provincial health regulations which allows for league games under our Return to Play protocols.

MODS members,

A couple brief updates/comments on some of the recent emails we have received about what opening up again will look like.

The first is to address the concept of a “vaccine league”. The idea that was suggested here is that all participants would provide proof of vaccination when they sign up. However, upon consulting with Sport Manitoba we are not allowed to do this, as it would require the disclosure of personal health information, which we cannot mandate at this time (it must be voluntary). If we are given direction in the future that this is allowable, we will examine this option at that time, but for now it is closed.

The second item I wanted to touch on is that the recent numbers in the province seem to be moving in a positive direction (both cases down and vaccinations up), so that is promising for the potential to run successful programs this summer. We still require an increase to the 25-person outdoor gathering limit (or an outdoor sports exemption to this cap) to be able to run games, since 12 a side is a bit tight of a requirement to put on our teams. Hopefully this comes in the near future as we all continue to do our part by getting vaccinated and following the current restrictions and guidance from Manitoba Health.

Hoping to see you all on the field in the not-so-distant future!


July 8, 2021 at 3:04pm