Fall and Winter Indoor Program Info

MODS 2021 / 22 Fall & Winter Indoor Season Program Info

  • MODS will not be running a Fall Outdoor or Fall Indoor Parity League this year.
  • MODS will be announcing 4 or 5 dates for free outdoor events in September for our members.
  • Below is a blurb about the current planning for indoor programs.

    **** Program leaders from single gender and 4x4 leagues will be reaching out directly to previous participants

The first thing to note is the Province's new regulation for indoor sports and recreational activities.

"Manitoba is expanding the vaccine passport benefit for fully immunized individuals that will enable businesses, services and events to be available without capacity limits or public health restrictions as of Sept. 3.

The province has developed new requirements for people to be fully immunized to participate in certain events and activities. These requirements will come into effect by public health order on Sept. 3 for all health regions and will include:
fitness centres, gyms and indoor sporting and recreational facilities (excluding youth recreational sport)"

This means a player must be fully vaccinated to participate in any of our leagues and programs.
We are asking Mixed league captains to fill out the following survey as soon as they can to indicate potential plans for the upcoming season.
MODS needs to reduce the number of teams and were not sure by how much.
There are two links one is just a survey to collect info on your teams plans.
The 2nd one is the formal pre-registration sign up if you already know that your team intends to play.

The button to the left is to collect info on teams intentions regarding the upcoming Fall Indoor Season.
As we don't know the rules that will be in place yet the survey asks your teams intention based on players only being able to be on one team, as well as if they were allowed to be on two teams.
The button to the right is the actual pre-registration form for teams who are sure that they would like to enter a team.

September 1, 2021 at 11:07am