Public Health Update

December 2, 2021 at 9:54am

Recent Update from Sport Manitoba

As of December 6, 2021, youth aged 12 to 17 years attending indoor sport and recreational facilities must provide proof that they have received:

  • at least one dose of an approved vaccine, or 
  • proof of a pharmacist-confirmed negative result from an approved rapid antigen test, from within the 72 hours before participation

It is the responsibility of the facility operator to ensure all other public health orders are followed.

In partnership with the Department of Sport, Culture, Heritage, as well as sport and education stakeholders, the Manitoba government has prepared guidance for facility operators, sports organizations, and schools to ensure they are in compliance with the public health orders.

For information on proof of vaccination, the scope of the orders, and how to collect and manage personal health information, visit:  

This information is also available in a fact sheet that can be downloaded or printed, and shared with your teams.

Recreation Manitoba has complied additional resources for sport on its website:

  • Sample of a negative rapid antigen test from a pharmacy
  • Sample of proof of a single dose record from Shared Health website
  • reference guide for COVID-19 screeners

Thank you for your cooperation,

Janet McMahon | President & CEO
Sport Manitoba

a. What is the actual test? Anti-gen or PCR
Rapid Antigen Test approved by a pharmacist, ONLY ones allowed to administer, 72 hours prior to entering the facility.
b. Is there more than one option?
Proof of vaccination (one dose or two) or a negative Antigen Test confirmed by a pharmacist. Other options are not yet known. Provincial testing sites are not to be used for testing for this Public Health Order.
c. Cost of test(s)?
Prices are determined by the pharmacies (Note: Chair of Pharmacist’s Association was quoted in Winnipeg Free Press earlier this fall saying range is $50 - $100, other sources suggest $40 on average).
d. 72-hour requirement – within?
72 hours prior to entering facility for a game or practice – or to watch a game or practice as a spectator. If the individual’s 72-hours expires while they are participating in an activity, the individual will require another test before their next activity.

2. Testing Sites – Pharmacies and/or family doctors? – Concern that may not be available in small
Participating pharmacies where available.

3. Proof of Immunization
a. If 12-17 have different proof of vaccination, will that also be acceptable for 18+ instead of QR code?
No, for individuals 18+, there is no testing option and will require proof of full vaccination.
b. Can a negative test be used for 18+?
No, any individual 18+ must provide proof of full vaccination.

4. Vaccination Confirmation
a. Who are negative tests presented to? Facility or team representative?
The negative tests will be shown to the Facility.
b. Needs to be clear what acceptable proof for 12-17 is – paper?
The assumption is that this question refers to proof of vaccination and what is acceptable ID for someone who is 12-17. Proof of vaccination can be a print-out or screenshot of the individual’s immunization records. School photos are permitted as evidence of person’s ID.

5. 12-17 required by Dec 6th – when will the 2nd dose be required? After 2nd dose will 12-17 receive QR code/card?
2nd dose would be administered on the timeline as prescribed by public health. There is a waiting period between first and second doses. 12-17 will be able to request QR code/card.

6. If 12–17 year old’s are required to be vaccinated to participate in sports, will that also be required to spectate?
Yes, the new orders apply to both participants and spectators.