MODS Summer League Winners

September 23, 2022 at 2:05pm

The MODS Board and staff would like to congratulate all of our summer participants in helping to bring Ultimate back.
Below is a list of all divisional and Spirit winners from our summer league

Monday League

Spirit Winners - infernO

A - Poachers

B - Blute Frisbee


D - The Panters

Tuesday League

Spirit Winners - Watermelons

A - Fresh Water

B - Just Friends

C - Boats n Throws

D - Balls


Wednesday League

Spirit Winners - Disky Business

A - Hammeroids

B - Spicy Nugs

C - Panic

D - Love Handles

E - Floppy Discs

Thursday League

Spirit Winners - Huckuna Matata

A - Gaia Sale

B - Dayton's Day Care

C - Can't Touch Disc