High School National Championships 2019 - Grieser Report

Photo credit: Mike Belanger, Heidi Grieser. 

Manitoba at Canadian Highschool Ultimate Championships (CHSUC) – the Grieser report

Canadian Highschool Ultimate Championships took place this past weekend in Ottawa at Carleton University and Manitoba sent four teams to compete with other High schools from across Canada. Among those four were Kelvin, SJR, Gray Academy and Westgate.

Heidi Grieser, a Winnipeg parent (and MODS board member), attended CHSUC with her two children who were competing, and each day gave us a report about how Manitoba did. Here were some of her highlights:

"It was a great day on day 2. The skies went from grey to blue overnight and we had amazing weather (sunburns even happened!).

All Manitoba teams performed very well. Kelvin went 3-0, SJR 2-1, Westgate 3-0, Grey 2-1. Every team moved up to the Championship side and... wait for it...this morning we all meet up to play each other at 9 a.m. Kelvin vs. SJR and Westgate vs. Grey... Should be a very interesting morning!!"

" Day 3 -Another beautiful day for Ultimate.

Morning games ended with a Kelvin win over SJR 13-8 and a Gray win over Westgate 8-3.

After 3 wins yesterday, Westgate, unfortunately, went 0-3 today finishing in 8th place (up three seeds).

SJR won their second game and won their last game finishing in 5th place (up two seeds). Gray lost their second game and won their last game finishing in 3rd place (up two seeds). And Kelvin continued to be undefeated taking the #1 seed again this year!"

Kelvin had a repeat matchup in the finals, last year they defeated Bowmanville in finals to take first place. After defeating Etobicoke in Semi’s 11-4 they were set to play Bowmanville for the second year in a row in finals and won 13-2.

MODS and the Disc Sports community would like to congratulate Kelvin for winning gold and to all the other Manitoba teams who competed and did amazing!

A special congratulations to Cassidy Knockaert who was awarded Most Valuable Player of the tournament! 

Article written by Kiersten Hilland - MODS

May 6, 2019 at 8:34am