Communications Update 2019

Letter from the MODS Communication Working Group Chair, Giuseppe Grande

Hello MODS,

I’m here to talk to you today about communication in MODS. The MODS board and office are passionate about improving the way they communicate with the community. So, last fall, we built a working group to get a grasp of the current state of communication at MODS and give some advice on how to move forward to improve the way MODS delivers information. As one of the directors at MODS, I was given the reigns to this working group. Five months later and voila, we have a report on our recommendations. You can see this report here.

Before moving on, I want to temper expectations. The recommendations in that report are suggestions to MODS. MODS is passionate about its community and wants to be better about how they interact with membership at large. That said, MODS has a finite resource pool to implement these changes.

We’re not promising that all recommendations are implemented right away (or maybe even ever). What I can promise is that MODS cares about its members and wants to be better. Please know that you can reach out to us. For issues specifically about communication, your best bet would be to contact the MODS office, president Yacine Bara, or me since I’ve had a major role in this process.

I am ecstatic to report that MODS staff have already begun developing and implementing their new strategy for communicating with the community.


To reach out to Giuseppe Grande (communications, board of director) or Yacine Bara (MODS president), please click the link below.

Email Giuseppe Grande

Email Yacine Bara


Some key points are below...

  • MODS has developed a new strategy surrounding their social media and website to channelize communication. This requires some opt-in from you, the MODS community
    • Twitter – will be used moving forward for game status updates, simply follow the MODS Twitter account and you will get a 4pm update EVERY DAY about game status
    • Facebook – this will be the story sharing centre and hub for connecting to other organizations
    • Instagram – the new home for sharing content like photos and videos at events and games
    • Website – one-stop shop for everything. The new website is bonkers good. There’s room for a lot of information, so you may want to take a few minutes to get used to the layout.
  • MODS will provide a stronger feedback mechanism for membership. See the new contact us page for more detail.
  • MODS will consider what the proper schedules, tools, and target audiences are when developing communication media.
  • MODS will maintain their approach using captains as a source of information for teams.

While this doesn’t answer everything or address everyone’s wishes, we are listening, we are working towards change and we are very open to your feedback. We hope you see improvements in our communication this spring and summer and we welcome you to engage with us about future growth.


Giuseppe Grande, the MODS Communication Committee, the MODS Office and Board of Directors

May 9, 2019 at 12:37pm