Beat the Skeeters Updates - Saturday Weather

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Weather Updates - BTS 2019

9:00am Update - The weather has improved so we are moving ahead with the frist two games. Torque and Callahan pools have had their second game moved up to 11:45am and we will determine if we can play the 3rd game today or not.

Good morning on a crazy Saturday everyone. It is just after 7am and I am in a van down by the river (shout out to World of Water)... quite litterally at IJL Ultimate Park.

We're watching the water saturation on the fields and also for lightning. Our goal is to get in the first two rounds of the event (maybe 3 or 4 ) today before the really hard rain hits, but that may happen sooner than we think. We also don't want people risking getting hurt on dangerous fields and we are trying as hard as we can to not have people drive to IJL Ultimate Park for only one game.

The rest of the staff are en route or will be here between 8am and 9am and we are working to do everything possible for our tournament to take place, but at this point it all depends on Mother Nature.

We will send out another update around 8:15am and this post and future posts will also be shared to Facebook. We will make a call on the first rounds at that time, but if things hold we will be able to play the first games.

June 8, 2019 at 6:56am