New Partnership - The Village Idiots

MODS is proud to present our new partnership with the Village Idiots...

Heading into Manitoba Cup, MODS as an organization had been looking to enhance their summer events with live entertainment and an upgrade in music & experience... through our good friends at Torque (thank you John Heim) we were introduced to Kevin Repay who helps to lead the Village Idiots, their ventures (be they artists, Live at the Roslyn, music festivals etc.) and business. Kevin has been integral in helping create this partnership and now looks to help MODS with our first shared event this Augusts.

Manitoba Cup is using a new format this year... and breaking for a 2 hour lunch break so we can party while everyone is at IJL Ultimate Park in place of getting together at the end of the day. We hope this will allow all teams a chance to meet up and hang out centrally at Disc Central and the Torque Beer Gardens. There will be games and entertainment and now we can officially say - The Village Idiots have been contracted to support the event with one hour of live music (artist(s) to be named next week). The performance will last for the middle hour of the break and allow everyone some time to sing, clap and dance along with our friends and community!

Hopefully this is the first step in increasing our event presence and entertainment and something we can build off of for the 2020 season!


We are a music promotions/production company in Winnipeg, MB. We started in October 2016 with our web series Live at The Roslyn, a show where you can watch bands play full sets, from the comfort of you OWN home, on Facebook Live. The show has grown from an iPhone 6 to a full scale production consisting of 7 team members, board audio and switched between 4 camera angles. We've completed 70+ episodes over 3 seasons and garnered over 800,000 views. We also create, program and emcee shows/festivals and take on other types of video production initiatives like our show Sunroom Sessions. We have the team, equipment and capability. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to work together on something cool!


Our Story ~ The Village Idiots

In an evolving industry, The Village Idiots aim to provide artists and fans a unique live experience. Live at The Roslyn is a web series we created where fans can watch bands play, from the comfort of their OWN home, on Facebook Live. All past episodes can be found on the videos tab of our page and our YouTube channel (we’ve completed over 50 episodes). We also create and promote local shows determined to show everyone the amazing talent Winnipeg has to offer. Join us every Wednesday at 8pm CST for a new episode of Live at The Roslyn and watch for our shows all around Winnipeg

Our Team:

Our Live at The Roslyn team consists of Kevin Repay, Rylie Saunders, Joey Senft, Michael Osikoya, Evan StCyr, Kevin Maretz and Atom Dzaman

August 9, 2019 at 7:50am