MODS 2019 Summer League Results

Torque Summer Mixed League 2019 Playoff Results and Top Finishers

It was another great season of ultimate in Winnipeg as we saw many highlights over the summer months! MODS was able to unveil the first 5 of 8 new fields at Assiniboine Park, which opened to rave reviews and we are so excited to be adding more fields at that venue for next year! We were also able to reduce many of our city fields which had the lowest user ratings in our annual surveys and for the first time concentrated on playing out of 3 main venues for the summer... IJL Ultimate Park (our home base), Little Mountain Sportsplex (where we moved away from the dusty entrance and are aware we need to remove field #10 from next years rotations) and the aforementioned Assiniboine Park.

With venues and fields growing and being maintained at a higher level than ever (thanks to our partners with MVP Turf Management, Cloverdale Paints and the Green Team Summer Student Granting Program), we're hoping for even better things for next season and all of 2020! Don't forget, you can always email the office through the operations director to offer comment or ideas related to our fields or mixed summer league programming!

Monday League Playoff Results

A – Fresh Waters


C – Game of Throws

D – Whiskey Disc

E – Variety FC

Monday Spirit Champions - Disc Ninjas

Honorable Mentions (Backhanded Compliments, Disc Charge and Unsolicited Disc Pics)

Tuesday Playoff Results

A – Harambe’s Angels in the Outfield

B – Just Friends

C – DiscGrunthaled

D – Bush League Syndicate

E – Jusdisc League

F – Boats N Throws

Tuesday Spirit Champions - Total Disc Regard

Honorable Mentions (“team”, Ewok and Shark Attack)

Wednesday Playoff Results

A – Teemu’s Salami

B – Trolls

C – 11 Inch Discs

D – Huck Huck Goose

E – Spongeworthy

F – Huge Dumps

Wednesday Spirit Champions - 11 Inch Discs

Honorable Mentions (Classy Cleats, The NADS & Free to Lay)

Thursday Playoff Results

A – Frisbea Arthur

B – 1.21 Gigawatts

C – Courtesy Dive

D – Big Disc Energy


Thursday Spirit Champions - Gaia Sale

Honorable Mentions (Disky Business, Huckaholics & The Incredipulls)

Torque Mixed League Prizing

For 2019 all of our mixed league champions and spirit winners will receive a team tour of the Torque Brewery, accompanied by some TLC and free flights of beer in the taproom once the tour is done! A great way to wrap up your season with a special team bonding event and outing! Thank you to everyone at Torque Breweries for supporting MODS, our members, community and especially our mixed league programming!

September 10, 2019 at 2:28pm