Letter from the President - November '19 Edition

Letter from the President – Nov ‘19th Edition

Well it’s been a month since I became President and MODS hasn’t gone belly up! I’m calling that a win!

A lot has been going on behind the scenes since I took over as President, I’ve had meetings with our staff, with Mark Oxer about Disc Golf, and by the time this newsletter comes out I will have met with the Disc Golf Committee as well! We also had our first board meeting with the new board of directors. We have a new Vice President: Daniel Plourde, a new board Secretary: Giusseppe Grande, and Mark Smith who not only stayed on as board Treasurer, but he even doubled the size of the Treasury Committee! It now has two whole members! Did you even know that committee existed? Well you do know now! If you identify as a non binary, or female member of MODS, and numbers are your thing let Mark know. I’m sure he would love to double the size of the committee again!

I want to thank Yacine Bara, Lori Reimer, and Delee Coleman for all the hard work they put into the board over the years, and I also want to thank Meghan Marsland who stepped down as board secretary but is still on the board as a member at large along with Heidi Grieser. Last but not least I want to welcome our new board members, Kari Bergmuller, Serena Vandersteen, and Nigel Batchelor! If you want to learn more about or board check out the Board of Directors page!

Now that I have caught you up a bit on what’s been happening since the AGM, let me share with you our results from the MODS 2019 Summer Survey! I hope it is as informative for you, as it has been for us!


November 1, 2019 at 8:00am