MODS Clinic Series - Thursday Intro to Ultimate

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Skills Camp
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Jun 25 – Jul 23, 2020
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About MODS Clinic Series - Thursday Intro to Ultimate

MODS is offering a variety of return to partiipation options for our members in advance of the return to play expected in stage 2.

Participants must email a completed PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT to the MODS office at to complete registration and ensure they are able to enter IJL Ultimate Park for programming.

Intro to Ultimate provides new and returning players the opportunity to learn the game or get a solid review for people who have been away for a while. Players will be introduced and educated on the concept of "Spirit of the Game" & self officiation. Mentor coaches will teach the basics of throwing and catching as well as offensive and defensive strategies and techniques. You'll learn lingo unique to Ultimate and be prepped to start league play in Stage 2 if you want to continue on.

To help break the sedentary habits of being home for the previous 3 months while in isolation the program will incorporate a group warm up and some light cardio. All under the supervision of a mentor coach to help offer feedback (on throwing styles and new protocols).

This program will continue to increase the physical and technical demands leading into the resumption of 7 on 7 leagues in Stage 2. Members can plan on options for those who are new to the sport, mixed gender and single gender clinics.

We ask where possible that you sign up with a partner, ideally someone from the same house as you. In order to reduce contacts each participant will only throw with one other person. People who are not paired up with someone will be assigned a partner on site. Note - registration is done individually and you will just confirm your partner with the mentor coach when you arrive.

Start Date: Thursday June 25th

Venue: IJL Ultimate Park (in Maple Grove Park)

Start time: 7:15pm