Torque Brewing Witty Belgian Wednesday 7 on 7 League

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Corey Draper
Aug 5 – Sep 30, 2020
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About Torque Brewing Witty Belgian Wednesday 7 on 7 League

MODS Summer League 2020 (limit of 20 teams per night)

Proudly sponsored by Torque Brewing

The MODS Summer 7 on 7 mixed league will begin play in early August and run to the end of September for an 8 week season. This is a unique one time set up to accommodate the lost summer months due to COVID-19.

All players must follow the MODS Stage 2 Return to Play protocols as detailed here - Return to Participate Protocols

Participants must email a completed PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT to the MODS office at to complete registration and ensure they are able to enter IJL Ultimate Park for programming. If you did one in Stage 1 programming then you don't have to do it again.

All teams must have a minimum roster of 12 players with paid memberships and complete paperwork before their first game. This includes (but is not limited to) a valid membership and signed waivers before competing. All teams must comply with the MODS return to play policies leading up to this league and throughout.

*Adult programs and clinics are registering throughout June and will be operational throughout June and July for those athletes wanting to get into game shape and reduce the chance of injury before league opens. Teams are also able to rent fields through MODS for team practices following stage one protocols.

**Please note that due to the increased costs related to COVID-19, MODS is only offering a partial refund if athletes cannot complete the season. This partial refund is for the first 4 weeks of the season only, from week 5 and onwards, there are no refunds.

Important Dates

Registration Opens - June 18th

Registration Closes - July 23rd

Captains Meeting - week of July 27th (most likely online - ZOOM)

League play starts - Stage 2 Early August 2020

League ends - September 2020

More Info

  • Game times to be confirmed closer to season but likely starting at 6:45 in August and 6:30 in September. 8 Game Season including with the last two games being playoff games.
  • All games at IJL Ultimate Park (venues to be added as needed) or as they open up later this summer if we have the capacity.
  • All teams must submit 2 $100 performance bond cheques (many of you have bonds on file with the office already). Please do not date the cheques and we will hold them in the office for your teams future seasons.
  • NEW - All teams must at least one Assistant captain  and spirit captain designated on their roster.
  • All teams must pass the MODS (updated) Rules Quiz or attend a Rules Clinic
  • ** Note - With the release of the new rules by WFDF and USAU this past year,  the regular captains meeting will include updates on those rules. Rules clinics may end up being done online (TBD).
  • For more info please contact Corey


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