Torque Brewing Summer Mixed League Thursday Free Agency

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May 6 – Sep 24, 2020
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About Torque Brewing Summer Mixed League Thursday Free Agency

Free Agency

MODS registers individuals, couples and small groups to play as a part of a "Free Agent" team on the different league nights in the summer.

We are accepting players to play on a Thursday Free Agent team.

For more info or to get registration help please contact Corey.

I may be able to find you a spot on an existing team if Thursday doesn't work. In this case you don't need to register here and should instead contact me.

NOTE - You will not appear in the registered list until you have paid or added the program into your "shopping cart".

Proudly sponsored by Torque Brewing

The MODS Summer 7 on 7 mixed league will begin play in early August and run to the end of September for an 8 week season. This is a unique one time set up to accommodate the lost summer months due to COVID-19.

All players must follow the MODS Stage 2 Return to Play protocols as detailed here - Return to Participate Protocols

Participants must email a completed PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT to the MODS office at to complete registration and ensure they are able to enter IJL Ultimate Park for programming. If you did one in Stage 1 programming then you don't have to do it again.

**Please note that due to the increased costs related to COVID-19, MODS is only offering a partial refund if athletes cannot complete the season. This partial refund is for the first 4 weeks of the season only, from week 5 and onwards, there are no refunds.

More Info

  • Game start at 6:45 in August and 6:30 and earlier in September. 8 Game Season including with the last two games being playoff games.
  • All games at IJL Ultimate Park and Maple Grove Rugby Park. (Both parks are in Maple Grove Park)
  • For more info please contact Corey