Torque Brewing Hazy Whaler Thursday 7 on 7 May to June League

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Corey Draper
May 12 – Jun 25, 2021
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About Torque Brewing Hazy Whaler Thursday 7 on 7 May to June League

Welcome to the May to June 2021 "Hazy Whaler" Thursday League

MODS Summer League 2021

Proudly sponsored by Torque Brewing

The MODS May to June Summer 7 on 7 mixed league will begin play in the second week of May and run to the end of June for an 8 week season. This is a unique set up to accommodate the protocols in place for COVID-19.

All players must follow the MODS Return to Play protocols as detailed here - Return to Competition Protocols

All teams must have a minimum roster of 12 players with paid memberships and completed online waivers before their first game. This includes (but is not limited to) a valid membership and signed waivers before competing. All teams must comply with the MODS return to play policies leading up to this league and throughout.

*After a two week break to start July a second 8 week season will take place from the 3rd week of July until the 1st week of September.

Important Dates

Registration Opens - April 1st

Registration Closes - April 30th*** check with Corey to see about options to join after the deadline.

Captains Meeting - 7:00pm May 4th on ZOOM

League play starts - May 6th (early start due to Canada Day)

League ends - June 24th

More Info

  • Game times - Unless otherwise notified all games will start at 7pm. Hard Cap times will be confirmed at the captain's meeting.
  • All games at IJL Ultimate Park & Little Mountain Sportsplex (venues to be added as needed)
  • All teams must submit 2 $100 performance bond cheques (many of you have bonds on file with the office already). Optional if you do not date the cheques we can hold them in the office for your teams future seasons.
  • Gender Rule A is now in effect please review the roster policy and build your team accordingly
  • REMINDER - All teams must at least one Assistant captain  and spirit captain designated on their roster.
  • Players are restricted to playing on a maximum of two teams / nights / programs per season.
  • Teams will be locked into tiers for the season with no shuffling to reduce the potential contacts for each player.
  • All teams must pass the MODS (updated) Rules Quiz or attend a Rules Clinic (April 27th & 29th, 7:00pm on Zoom)
  • Policies for spectators are currently under review (March 31st) and will be updated soon.
  • All players must check in with MODS staff at each game and follow all of the COVID policies from our RTP document linked above.
  • Captain's will submit an attendance sheet with the name and phone number of every person in attendance that week by half time of their games to MODS staff.
  • For more info please contact Corey