Torque Brewing Diesel Fitter Thursdays

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Corey Draper
May 9 – Aug 22, 2019
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About Torque Brewing Diesel Fitter Thursdays

Torque Ultimate Summer Coed League - The flagship program of MODS expects to have a 200+ adult team recreational league this summer. MODS runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each day as a separate league. MODS members sign up for a specific night or nights as a team or through Free Agency (see below). 

Any team can register for a MODS league night, each team must have a minimum of 12 registered players with memberships and meet all requirements to play in our league. We have a division/tier for all skill levels on each night, regardless of where you're at on your development path. So choose the night that works best for you and your friends and know there will be a level of play that matches your own!

League play scheduled to start the week of May 6 - 9th  (Deadline to register is April 26th)

  • Team Fees for 2019 will be $1050 plus GST. = $1102.50
  • Free Agent Registration - This is for individuals, couples or small groups who don't have a team (or other players to form their own team). MODS will create as many teams as demand requires. Each night has a free agent option and you can indicate more than one night. If you're short players for your team and thinking about folding you can keep a smaller group together by signing up through this option. A minimum number of players is required to form a team and a member of the team will have to volunteer to act as the league captain. The MODS office will do their best to accomodate all requests for team placement.
  • Player / Team / Sub Finder - MODS has created links to allow teams looking for players and players looking for teams to advertise through a form submission. There is even a brand new Sub Finder to help teams find players on short notice to help with their rosters. Players can post their info about subbing availability and teams can reach out to those people when they need them. Check them out on the Learn about Leagues page.
  • "Masters Rec League" - Teams interested in playing in a 30+ men and 28+ women years or older. Rec Masters Mixed division should contact us using this expression of interest form to help MODS determine if there is interest on running a division on any of the nights.

All team captains should review MODS captains's information and responsibilities

Captain's Rules Clinics - Sign Up Here

Summer Captains Meetings

These will take place at the Torque Brewing Tap Room (830 King Edward St)

Each team must send one representative to collect the VC Ultimate captains gift, free disc and any other related materials.

There will be a presentation to cover the specifics of the league including a review of the new website and team management functions.

For more info on league structure, registration or any Ultimate program please contact Corey.

We run 2 sessions; 1 night for the Monday and Tuesday captains and another for the Wednesday and Thursday captains.

*** Captains can choose to attend the opposite night if they choose and just need to notify Corey (see link above)

Dates are TBD based on Jets playoff games.

Option 1 - Monday April 29th or Wednesday May 1st


Option 2 - Tuesday April 30th or Thursday May 2nd

Time: Arrival 6pm for checkin; Meeting to begin between 6:30 & 6:45pm

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