IJL Winnipeg Provincial Championships

Program Type
Ops Director MODS
May 28 – Jun 10, 2022
Age Range

About IJL Winnipeg Provincial Championships

Please visit this page for all the info on the event as we update it.


For more information on registering a team for this event, please contact Operations Director, Corey Draper.

Full details will be added to the link above.

Basic info


Dates: Saturday May 28 & 29th (the rain date for this event is June 4 & 5th)

Location: IJL Ultimate Park (in Maple Grove) with the potential of some games on the adjacent Rugby Fields

Times: Typically there would be 2 schedule formats; half the teams would start at 8:30am and the other half would start around 11:50am. This is subject to change based on the size of the event.

Rosters: Teams playing in the MODS School Leagues only need to add rosters to that team profile and it will count for this event. If your team is not playing in the league then you would add your roster to this event.

Fees: Team fees are $270 + GST per team = $283.50 (all players must have current MODS memberships)

Note: teams can receive a $50 rebate if they can supply volunteers to cover a minimum number of shifts controling our parking lots. More info to come on this.

Food and Water: MODS is working on an option to have a food vendor on site. Due to the pandemic we will not be running a field food area. MODS will supply water jugs to each team.

Game Format: Saturday will be pool play; Sunday will be playoff games. Each team should get to play 5 to 6 games (our goal is 6 games for everyone).

Score reporting: this will be done primarily online, teams needing to can submit their scores directly to disc central.

Merchandise Sale: MODS will be running a massive sale of VC merchandise at this years event. The majority of the gear will be sold at a discount. There will be a full tent dedicated to this near disc central. Be sure to check out the gear.