Manitoba Cup

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Ops Director MODS
Aug 27 – Aug 29, 2022
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About Manitoba Cup

The long history of MODS was built around what was called "Championship Weekend".
This was the culmination of the summer season and where teams battled for the title of the best team.

As MODS grew this tournament reached as many as 188 teams attending the weekend.
MODS outgrew this format and decided to change to have the playoffs played over the last weeks of the season on your night of play.
We replaced Championship Weekend with "The Manitoba Cup"

The Manitoba Cup is a free tournament for MODS teams and members.
In one of the most challenging seasons, weather-wise that we've had this event is a great way to get value for the team fees and memberships your team has paid for.


Dates: August 27 & 28th

Location: IJL Ultimate Park (with the potential to use some of the Rugby fields if needed)

Times: The schedule format won't be determined until registration closes but expect games to begin at 9:00 am and end before 6:00 pm.
If we have the max amount of teams available then the schedule would push a bit later. On average a team will play 3 games a day with a bye or lunch break after their first or second game.


All players must have MODS memberships.
Teams can be a composition of a league roster or the combination of players from multiple teams.

Schedule to be released August 22nd

We will have multiple tiers to accomodate all skill and experience levels.


The Torque Beer Gardens will feature their Beer Truck on the Saturday and a regular beer garden on Sunday.


MODS/VC Merchandise Sale - we'll be selling gear and discs both days.


More info to come...