Torque Brewing Summer Mixed League Free Agency

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Corey Draper
May 6 – Aug 23, 2019
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About Torque Brewing Summer Mixed League Free Agency

Free Agency

MODS registers individuals, couples and small groups to play as a part of a "Free Agent" team on the different league nights in the summer.

Your registration will be transfered from this program into a specific weekday league night and on to a team.

Monday League - this team is looking for 2 women and 3 men.

Tuesday League - currently there is no Free Agent team on Tuesday's

Wednesday League - we need close to a full team to fill a spot on this night. Looking for 6 - 7 men and 4 - 5 women.

Thursday League - we need 5 women

Please add info to your registration to confirm the nights that are available and ayone that you want to play with.

If you don't see an option above that works for you please contact Corey

I may be able to find you a spot on an existing team.

NOTE - You will not appear in the registered list until you have paid. If you would like to hold off on paying until you are placed on a team please contact Corey at the link above to verify things.