The 2015 renewal period is upon us. Junior and Early Bird memberships are now available. Click the Memberships & Peer Support (blue) link on the right hand side of the page to purchase your membership and sign your updated waiver. Adults paying in March can save $5 on the "Early Bird Membership". An update to allow captains and players to pay for other people's memberships is coming in mid March.


This spring MODS is collecting donations to help subisdize Ultimate for school aged players. The funds will be greared towards inner city and under priviliged athletes / teams, with additional focus on Middle School players and teams. You can add Junior School Support products to your membership and league payments. ($5, 10 & 20 denominations are available and you may add multiple versions of each). This campaign will end on April 13th so please encourage your teammates to register early and consider helping us out here.


Teams and players bringing outside alcohol into any of our venues are subject to harsh sanctions including suspensions, cashing of bonds and removal from the league without a refund. MODS needs to ensure access to our playing venues to run our programs. It's every team and players responsibility to ensure that we are following these policies to maintain good status with our venue partners.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our members. Mark Salesse (seen throwing above); known as "Sal" by most of the Ultimate community was a new and enthusiatic member who began in our "Beginner League" program and went on to play year round. A link to the story of his passing is here. We send our condolenses to his family and friends.