MODS is Hiring Coaches!

July 2, 2024 at 1:30pm

MODS Is Hiring Coaches!

Application Deadline is August 24, 2024

In the Fall of 2024, MODS will be launching the first year of the new High-Performance program that will run from October 2024 through to the end of the next Canadian Ultimate Championships, as well as a C4UC coach for 2025.  We are looking for dedicated head coaches and assistant coaches to be a part of this program, as well as potential other 2025 provincial junior teams.

Coach Selection: All coaches (head coaches, assistants, C4CU and others) interested in being part of this program will apply to MODS before August 24, 2024 with a full application package. This package will include:

1)      Coaching resume with summary of results

2)      Draft Yearly Training Plan (YTP) for the season (October to August). For coaches unfamiliar with this process, the NCCP Performance Planning and Developing Athletic Abilities course would be a valuable resource to consider taking before applying. 

3)      A plan for how to systemically improve Spirit of the Game

4)      NCCP transcript (note that all coaches must be Comp Int Certified prior to March 1, 2025 if they are not at the time of application).

5)      Copy of a clean criminal record check if not already provided to MODS since April 1, 2024.

6)      A letter indicating the following:

a.      Coaching Philosophy

b.     Goals for the program in years 1 and 2 and personal goals as a coach

c.      Why they feel this program will be beneficial to ultimate players in Manitoba

d.     Their own goals of what they want to improve in themselves as a coach

Head Coaches will be selected by Sport Manitoba High-Performance staff in conjunction with MODS. YTPs will be evaluated in conjunction with Coaching Manitoba trained coaches/staff.  

Coaches in this program will be fully supported by MODS for personal development including NCCP courses (Ultimate specific and multisport) for everything over and above base requirements to be Comp-Int certified, pursuing the ACD (advanced coaching diploma) and other relevant courses agreed upon by the coach and MODS staff.

Assistant coaches will be selected by Sport Manitoba HP Staff and the Head Coach for each program. Selection for these positions will be based off of future coaching plans, personal coaching goals, ability to work well within the IST team, and commitment to development as a coach.

There will be (1) Head Coach and up to (2) assistant coaches for each matching-gender program. There is no restriction on one matching-gender coaching the other matching-gender. There will be one head coach and one assistant for C4CU. Other programs will be staffed as needed.

Once coaches are selected, they will meet with staff to finalize the season plan which will then be fully communicated to players before tryouts.

Time required
2-3 hours a week with athletes, and 2-3 hours per week of prep time. Coaches should attend at least the first S&C session and communicate with the trainer as required. Mental skills training is not likely to require or involve the coach past the first or second session.

Applications can be emailed to You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application.