Board of Directors

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is run by a volunteer board of directors. Thanks to these individuals for sharing their time and talents with us. 

MODS Board of Directors


Robert Borges (2020)

Personnel Committee
Spirit Of The Game Working Group
Rob has been an active MODS member since 2000 playing recreationally in our summer and indoor fall / winter seasons.
For several years now Rob has unofficially volunteered to help the office staff with computer related issues, as well as volunteering his time at some of the MODS tournaments. 
Rob joined the Website and Communications committee (now dissolved) when it was first created and has been heavily involved since. Now that the new website is up and running, He has changed his focus to Spirit of the Game and now sits as the chair of that working group. As president Rob hopes he can continue to help MODS move forward as an orginization, and help bring back a higher level of Spirited play in all of our programs!

Member At Large

Meghan Marsland (2020)

Personnel Committee
Governance Committee
Meghan first started playing recreation ultimate in 2005. She has represented Winnipeg proudly on the touring stage playing for Fusion and most recently Mint. Her Educational background includes a B.S in Environmental Science as well as a certificate in Management and Administration and Master’s Certificate in Municipal Leadership. Meghan has already helped our local community by taking on the role of Assistant to the Tournament Director for the Junior’s Division of CUC in 2015. Meghan is currently a Branch Head for the City of Winnipeg, Water and Waste Department and we are excited to have a life-long learner joining our Board of Directors.

Member At Large

Kari Bergmuller (2021)

Women's Committee
Governance Committee

Spirit of the Game Working Group
Kari started playing ultimate roughly fifteen years ago and over the years has played in both the mixed and women’sleagues at various levels and coached high school ultimate. During the summer of 2018, Kari was assistant to the Competition Tournament Director at the WorldMaster’s Ultimate Club Championships (WMUCC) held in Winnipeg. Her educational background includes a Master of Education in Educational Administration as well as a certificate in School Leadership. This fall, she has pivoted positions as a teacher in high school math to become the Senior Years Mathematics Consultant for the province of Manitoba. Currently Kari is serving on the MODS Sprit of the Game working group, the Women’s committee, and the Governance committee. She is dedicated to actively incorporating a better understanding of the Spirit of the Game ideals and practices for all players and coaches.

Vice President

Daniel Plourde (2021)

Governance Committee 
Ultimate has been a significant part of Daniel's life for the better part of the last decade now. He's played on Winnipeg General Strike for the past seven seasons, including this last summer. He played MOFO the one year before that and also played on the University of Manitoba Ultimate Club for five years from 2011 to 2015. He's also been involved in coaching the provincial teams, having spent two years with Manitou, and this past summer with the national champion MOFO Boys team. Daniel is also involved in the running of WIMIUL and spent a summer as the MODS student employee during the year that Winnipeg hosted CUC, 2015. 
A recent graduate of the University of Manitoba in Mechanical Engineering, Daniel is returning to start his Masters in fall 2017.
Daniel is currently on the governance committee, helping bring mods policy back up to date.

Member At Large

Heidi Grieser (2020)

Junior Working Group
Governance Committee
Heidi joined the MODS Board at the most recent AGM this past fall. A long time MODS member, Heidi is not only a player in the women's and mixed scenes, but is also a parent of two ultimate athletes who play in the school programs and in elite play during the summers with Team Manitoba.
Working through the board, Heidi is able to give back to the community while also putting to use her continued studies in Kinesiology (sport management and sport science) from the University of Winnipeg.

Member At Large

Nigel Batchelor (2021)

Communications Working Group
Nigel first started playing ultimate in 2003. He started by playing high school ultimate, has captained multiple coed recreational teams, is a longtime captain in MIUDL, and is an avid disc golfer. He has represented Winnipeg on the touring stage playing with Rebellion, Nonsuch, PBHG, Lit (Calgary), and at the C4UC level. Professionally, Nigel has worked in Sports Media and Marketing over the past eight years and is currently the head of the media department for the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club. He cares about making strides in Spirit of the Game, Gender Equity and Inclusiveness across the Manitoba Disc Sport landscape.


Mike Mose (interim as of April 2020)

Treasury Committee
Mike has been playing ultimate for close to 10 years now, always a rec player with some fun tournaments mixed in. His professional background is in Finance and is currently pursuing his CFA. An opportunity to give back to the ultimate community came in the form of a call for support from the current Treasurer at the time. After joining the finance committee he stepped into an Interim Treasurer position to help navigate the organization through Covid-19 and hopes to build the long term financial health of the organization while supporting disc sports growth in the province.

Board Secretary

Giuseppe Grande (2020)

Communications Committee
Governance Committee
Giuseppe joins the board representing many hats and views from the ultimate community. He is captain for Just Friends mixed indoors and outdoors and he has also been a player in other MODS leagues from parity to 4 on 4. His experience as a recreational player in all formats is a great addition to the MODS board of directors and is already being positively felt as Giesuppe leads the new MODS communication committee for 2019.

Member At Large

Serena Vandersteen (2021)

Conduct Committee
Governance Committee
Serena became a MODS member the summer of 2008, where she started by playing on a mixed rec league team. She progressed through mixed rec leagues in increasingly higher tiers and has over the years had the opportunity to participate in the different women’s leagues (from developmental to invitational). She eventually found herself showing up to her first competitive touring team tryout in 2014, which lead to her playing with Wheat Queens. She later played on Nonsuch in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, Serena was seeking some new and interesting challenges and was drawn to the 4 on 4 format of Ultimate. She joined a team that went to 4 on 4 Nationals that year and has been heavily involved with that format ever since; playing at nationals several more times as part of Fortitude. In the 2018-19 season she took on a leadership role as a co-captain for the team and was one of the league coordinators and captains for the MODS 4 on 4 league. Serena also took time off work to volunteer full time as a manager at WMUCC 2018, and joined the MODS Communication Working Group. Her involvement in so many different areas of the Winnipeg ultimate community enables her to bring varied perspectives to the MODS Board.