Respect in Sport (RIS)

Respect in Sport is an online coaching, supervisor and parent teaching module which helps leadership involved in youth sport and development learn about best and healthiest practices for those environements. As MODS is the governing body and organizing body for all middle school and high school leagues (unlike many other school based sports) and because we are also governed by Coaching Manitoba and Sport Manitoba, we are required to have all of our junior aged coaches adopt and be complete in their Respect in Sport training. This takes effect for spring 2020, and anyone who will be on an Ultimate teams sideline and offering any type of feedback to athletes, must complete this course and be in good standing before the start of the 2020 spring season (2020 summer provincial championships if you are not playing in league). This rule applies to all chaperones, head coaches and assistant coaches.

If you have already completed RIS for another sport, then that will carry over and be applied to ultimate through the NCCP coaching locker. MODS Business and Sport Development Director will be working through January and February to help identify coaches who are missing this accreditation and also to help anyone who needs migration of their RIS from another sport.

If you have taken RIS in the past, please make sure it is current and up to date - as starting in 2014 RIS requires re-certification every 5 years.

Should coaches be found coaching during a game without having completed this accreditation, the coach will be removed from that game and will be suspended from the following game. Should that same coach try and coach again without the propper accrediation and completion of RIS, they will be suspended from coaching in Manitoba for 1 calendar year and their team will be put into suspension for that season.

We encourage everyone to start their online accreditation as soon as possible... most people take 2-3 hours to complete this online course, however some are done quicker and some take longer. You cannot fail RIS.

Convenient online certification for coaches and sport leaders

Sport Manitoba Coaching believes in being proactive in ensuring sport in our province is safe and welcoming for all participants. Respect in Sport (RiS) helps us promote those values through a simple and convenient online training course for coaches and sport leaders.

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Mandatory Ris Recertification (Every 5 Years)

In the spring of 2016 Sport Manitoba proudly announced mandatory RiS recertification (every five years) for coaches in Manitoba. We were the first province to make the RiS program mandatory and we are equally proud to be the first to make recertification mandatory.

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