Vice President

Position Name: Vice President
Originally Board Approved: November 28, 2018
Last Revised: N/A
Last Reviewed: N/A


The Vice President is responsible for overseeing Governance functions of the MODS’ board of directors and MODS as an organization. The Vice President is also responsible for assuming the role of President, as needed.


Areas of responsibility include, but may not be limited to:

  • Chair the MODS’ Governance Committee. (ie. be an expert in Governance committee function, facilitate its work, etc. in accordance with the Committee's terms of reference.)
  • Be an expert in how MODS makes decisions (e.g. What function is served by policy/protocol? By committees and working groups? What are the respective roles of staff and board? How is policy enacted?)
  • Work to create documentation so that all others – board, plus committees & working groups by extension – have clarity to their roles and how they fit into MODS’ decision-making framework. 
  • Lead review of existing policy. (Each must be reviewed annually in accordance with Sport Manitoba requirements.)
  • Be an expert in MODS’ policy/protocol framework, readily able to identify what tools already exist to answer questions as they arise and/or what steps are to be followed in cases of official protocol, and/or where to find information on such policy/protocol. 
  • As applicable, serve as first point of contact for Governance Committee matters by membership or other MODS stakeholders. 
  • In the absence of the President, take on the roles, responsibilities and deliverables of the President.
  • Ensure that committees and working groups follow through on their deliverables, as defined within their terms of reference.

Deliverables include, but may not be limited to:

  • Circulate relevant governance materials that need to be reviewed and updated to board and staff with as much notice as reasonably possible, in advance of board meetings (ideally 48 hours at minimum).
  • Ensure policies, protocols & terms of reference are regularly reviewed


  • The Vice President is appointed, following the AGM, by way of majority vote among the board of directors. 
  • The Vice President’s term is one year in length, such that a second year in the role requires re-appointment by the board even where the person’s two-year term as a director has not yet elapsed.
  • The maximum consecutive term is four years.
  • Subsequent to relinquishing the Vice President role, the individual is encouraged to serve at least one additional year as ‘past Vice President’ on the Governance Committee.
  • All aspects of the Member at Large’s prescribed term – as outlined in the terms of reference for that role – apply equally to the Vice President as a member of the board.