MODS 2021 Annual General Meeting

This year MODS is hosting their Annual General Meeting in a digital environment to allow our members and community to attend from the comforts of their homes while avoiding increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. For our members, please register in advance to allow our staff to confirm your membership status and get you a personalized link to the AGM which will allow you to ask questions and vote during the meeting. For those interested individuals who are not members, please note the AGM will be live streamed on Facebook so that you may follow along.

Date: Thursday September 30th 

Time: 7pm

Format: Zoom Meeting 

Notes: To join the Zoom Meeting as an active MODS member, please follow this link to begin the registration process (please ensure you use the email associated with your MODS account for accuray and validation) Pre Register for MODS AGM (members only). For non members the AGM will be live streamed on the MODS Facebook page.

To ensure you can vote at the meeting:

1. Ensure you have a valid and fully paid MODS membership for 2021/22

2. Declare your attendance at the AGM by Tuesday September 28th (no later than 3pm CDT)

3. Voting will take place at the end of the AGM, through the poll feature within Zoom there will be 5 Board of Director positions open for voting. 

  • There will be one list of candidates
  • As a voting member, you can choose up to a maximum of 5 people to join the Board of Directors
  • Based on the slate of candidates this year, 2 positions will go to the two women who get the most votes, 2 more positions will go to the two men who get the most votes, and the final 5th position will be filled by the person who obtains the most votes from the remaining candidates.

4. If you have any questions for the candidates, they must be submitted by September 28th at 3pm CDT. All questions should be sent to the Board President. The morning of September 30th (day of AGM) all answers will be shared here on the MODS AGM page in advance of the meeting for all members to see.

Outgoing & Interim Board Members

We would like to say thank you to our outgoing board members for their years of service, as volunteers for our community and organization. We want to acknowledge the extra time and special efforts they have made during the recent pandemic to help keep the organization in a strong and healthy position moving forward.

Outgoing Board Member - Josh Kerr

Running for the board... Here's how to apply

We would love to have you become one of our next directors on the MODS board! Please make sure you follow the steps below to ensure you are added to the member notifications ahead of the AGM and so that our members are able to vote for you at the AGM.

1. Any interested member who is interested in running for the MODS Board of Directors, should send a short bio to the president on their history with disc sports and why our members would find them to be a good representative of their wishes on the board. This bio should include a head shot (for the newsletter and AGM) and must be submitted no later than Monday September 27th, 2021

2. Send your application to the MODS President here

3. Be available to meet with the President online ahead of the AGM to build a candidate profile which will be shared online and through MODS

4. Be available the night of the AGM, be prepared to briefly speak and then possibly stay online after the meeting to engage with the board and staff

Nigel Batchelor (he/him)

Nigel began playing ultimate in 2003 at the high school level. He has captained multiple coed recreational teams, is a longtime captain in MIUDL, and is an avid disc golfer.
He has represented Winnipeg on the touring stage playing with Rebellion, Nonsuch, PBHG, Lit (Calgary), and at the C4UC level.
Alongside being a board member for MODS the past few years, he is a longtime member of the Disc Golf Manitoba board that oversees the growth of Disc Golf in our province.
Nigel has worked in Sports Media and Marketing over the past eight years, most recently as the head of the media department for the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club.
He cares about making strides in Spirit of the Game, Gender Equity and Inclusiveness across the Manitoba Disc Sport landscape and will be the first one to dress up at a tournament (even if it means he gets heat stroke). 

Serena Vandersteen (she/her)

Throughout my 2019-2021 term on the MODS Board of Directors I’ve been the Chair of the Conduct Committee and a member of the Governance Committee. 

My passion has been making sure that the 2019 Spirit of the Game Working Group recommendations come to fruition. COVID has caused us to pivot priorities as a board, and so not all of those recommendations have been fully implemented, but they’re still on my radar! I was involved with ensuring there was a new Spirit Captains handbook for the 2021 season and strongly believe we need to continue to work towards improving SOTG in our community. 

As a member of the Governance Committee I was a part of drafting the proposal to adopt Gender Ratio Rule A, which has been a bit of an adjustment this season, but ultimately I believe is for the best for our community’s growth. The Governance Committee also was the force behind hosting the Restart MODS forum in April, where we were able to gather a wealth of information from the community. 

I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to serve another term in order to continue to move SOTG initiatives and the results of the Restart MODS forum forward.

Kari Bergmuller (she/her)

Board of Directors – Vice President
Women's Committee – Board Liaison

Governance Committee - Chair

Spirit of the Game Working Group
Transition Committee
Hiring Committee – Chair

Kari started playing ultimate in the mid-2000s and over the years has played in various tiers and levels in both the mixed and women’s leagues. She coached high school ultimate from 2008 up until the pandemic. During the summer of 2018, Kari was assistant to the Competition Tournament Director at the World Master’s Ultimate Club Championships (WMUCC) held in Winnipeg. Her educational background includes a Master of Education in Educational Administration as well as a certificate in School Leadership. This past year, she was appointed as Lead of Operations for the Department of Education’s Incident Management Team in their response to COVID-19 in schools.

During her past term serving on the board, Kari has been actively working on the Governance Committee, reviewing, writing, and updating policies, as well as introducing some new initiatives. Along with a brilliant committee, Kari helped write the MODS policy for Gender Ratio Rule A, planned and facilitated the Restart MODS forum, and amended other policies such as the Severe Weather Policy to address the air quality concerns. A great amount of time this spring and summer was dedicated to the Transition Committee and chairing the Hiring Committee, as MODS said good-bye to one of the staff members and hired the new Business and Sports Management Director. There is still much work that remains to be done as MODS looks ahead to propel itself forward out of the pandemic. Continuity on the board during this uncertain time greatly benefits MODS; Kari’s dedication and hard work has proven that she is an asset to the MODS team.

Daniel Plourde (he/him)

Ultimate has been a significant part of Daniel's life for the last decade now. He's played on Winnipeg General Strike since 2011 and he played on Masters of Flying Objects (MOFO) the one year before that. He also played on the University of Manitoba Ultimate Club for five seasons from 2011 to 2015. Daniel has been involved in coaching the Manitoba provincial teams, having spent two years with Manitou (2015-16), and since then as a head coach with the MOFO Boys team, winning CUC in 2017. Daniel is also involved in the administration of the Winnipeg Invitational Mens Indoor Ultimate League (WIMIUL) and spent a summer as the MODS student employee during the year that Winnipeg hosted CUC, 2015. In summer 2018, Daniel was one of the tournament directors for the World Masters Ultimate Club Championship (WMUCC). Daniel also enjoys occasionally subbing on a couple mixed teams in our coed leagues, as well as getting involved in outreach opportunities to introduce the sport to those who haven't played it before.

Daniel has served two terms (4 years) as a Board member for MODS, and is excited for the opportunity to run for a third time. This past year Daniel served as MODS President, and the year prior as Vice-President.

Daniel hopes to be able to help with the staffing transition and supporting the organization in transitioning out of the pandemic into the new sporting landscape going forward.

Jonathan Klippenstein-Epp


Jonathan has been playing ultimate frisbee for more than 10 years. He has played on multiple teams and enjoys the pace of play but has never taken it too seriously. Jonathan’s favourite aspect of the sport is the camaraderie and has met many friends through the different teams he has played on.

Jonathan is part owner in IJL (Independent Jewellers Ltd.). He is proud to sponsor the league and looks forward to future ways that he can help the league. He currently sits on the board for the Canadian Jewellery Group and was previously on the board for the Winnipeg Executive Association. He looks forward to finding new ways to help Ultimate prosper in Winnipeg.