Adult High Performance Policy

Owner: Director of Operations
Originally Board Approved: 2017
Last Revised: March 18th, 2019
Last Reviewed: March 18th, 2019


Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is committed to supporting our elite adult teams. Our goal is to develop successful elite athletes and teams by providing funding and practice space and by encouraging team involvement in MODS programs/events. 

This document serves to assist in teams in understanding the process of how to obtain funding and fields. 

This is a team funding program; individual funding may only be accessed through the adult athlete assistancefund within MODS, which has an annual contribution of $3000.00 which is only accessible by touring players. MODS High Performance Policy for Adult teams does not apply to juniors or university teams.Should this fund not have any applicants, then the funds will be added to team funding.



All funding will be paid out in December of that same year.

MODS will commit to providing the following for High Performance teams:

  • Providing insurance for all teams whose whole rosters are MODS members
  • Provide funding for high performing teams who meet the qualifications (Sections B and C)
  • Providing practice fields for a rental fee as outlined in section D


For teams to be eligible for funding they must meet all the responsibilities of a higher performance program as determined by the MODS executive and in accordance with these requirements:

  • Submit a Team plan for the year to the Operations Director by March 30thThe team plan will include: team name, division, contact(s), brief team description, training and practice plans, development plans, planned tournaments, and a qualitative description of expected expenses. Teams are also expected to declare their involvement in the MODS funding program and their plans for practice fields. If plans are not handed in by March 30th, a $100 penalty will be applied to the team funding opportunities per week the report is lateUniversity Programs have until July 31st for submissions due to their seasonal timing.
  • Teams are required to submit a two - four paragraph write up for each event in which they just competed in (post event write up). The write up must be submitted to the MODS office no later than the first Wednesday following that eventFailure to submit a story by the due date will be a $100 penalty to the team funding for that year.
  • Teams must have 100% of their roster registered through Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports. Ultimate Canada memberships will not be recognized. No money will be paid out from MODS for touring funding until the team can show that all players on all rosters from all events have MODS memberships.
    • A rostered player is defined as any player who joins for 3 or more practices or games. This definition is necessary for insurance purposes.
  • The team plan must include a minimum of two out-of-town tournaments (OR) attendance at the Canadian Ultimate Championships and/or the USAU series
  • The team must compete at a Canadian Ultimate regional or national competition within the past 2 years (meaning a touring team must compete in regionals or nationals once every two years).
  • The team plan must include a minimum of 1 practice per week
  • Teams must hold a team bank account that’s registered to their team name.


Funds will be dispersed as follows and will be split betweenall adult touring programs(single gender, mixed, 4 on 4 & university):

  • The money will be split between teams as such:
    • Full portion: 
      • Teams competing at the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC)
      • Teams competing at World Club Championships, WUGC, or another worlds event 
    • Half portion
      • Teams competing at the USAU series
      • Teams competing at CUC Regionals, but failing to secure a spot at CUC 

The total amount to be disbursed to adult touring teams is set each year as part of MODS’ budgeting process, to be determined and communicated in the winter timeframe.

Teams can choose to opt out of the MODS funding program. If so, their members must still have MODS memberships to qualify for insurance and participate in the CUC series.


Costs for MODS fields are:

  • One field per week – fundraising and/or paying $800 and following the responsibilities of high-performance teams (as outlined in section B)
  • Two fields per week – fundraising and/or paying $1600 and following the responsibilities of high-performance teams (as outlined in section B)
  • Training camps – fundraising and/or paying $50 per 2-hour slot and following the responsibilities of high-performance teams
  • Teams can get reimbursed for pre-approved permits on non-MODS fields as long as this is part of the team plan that is submitted to MODS

MODS Fundraising Opportunities:

As an option to pay down the balance teams owe for fields, and instead of requiring events and volunteer hours for eligibility of MODS funding like in the past, teams can participate in various MODS approved activities. Teams can raise up to the amount owed – additional volunteering will not yield a cash payout.

Opportunities may include:

  • Teams can volunteer at tournaments/events
    • For instance:
      • School Provincials
      • Beat the Skeeters
      • MB Cup
      • Rural and Northern Outreach Programs
      • Junior Camps/Jamborees and Clinics
    • Teams can commit to filling a volunteer slot throughout the tournament (Rate is $25/hr; generally scheduled by mornings or afternoons slots – however there are evening slots for Beat the Skeeters)
  • The MODS Super Clinic can be used to offset fees by volunteering. Every touring team is expected to provide a minimum of two individuals to work this event for which they will be credited $100.00 towards field dues and balances.
  • Brandon requires an annual clinic which pays a group $250 in field credits as well as their kilometers for the trip.

Other opportunities or ideas- talk to Peter Manastyrsky ( at the MODS office. All ideas for the year must be submitted on or before March 30th.

Reporting Volunteer Hours

Team captains should organize their groups information after event volunteering and submit that information to the Operations Director. This information should include which members of your team worked, on which days, in which locations and at what times. This report will be compared to our internal tracking and ensure we don’t miss any hours that should go to your team. To report your hours, email Corey Draper (