Gender Equity Policy

Owner: Governance & Policy Committee
Originally Board Approved: February 26, 2018
Last Revised: N/A
Last Reviewed: N/A


The Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports is committed to developing and maintaining representation of all genders in sport, no matter their classification.  This policy shall consider the rights and representation of all people with respect to MODS' programming and administration, be they female, male, transgender, non-binary or not wishing to disclose. This document identifies specific areas of MODS' operation in which particular attention will be paid to matters of gender equity, but the organization's commitment to gender equity extends throughout its operation and is not limited to what appears below.


For the purpose of this document, 'women'/'woman'/'female' refers to all females and individuals identifying as female; 'male'/'man'/'men' refers to all males and individuals identifying as male.


All Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports registration forms are to include the following gender descriptions:

  • Woman
  • Man
  • Non-binary
  • Transgender
  • Preferring not to disclose

If any of 'non-binary', 'transgender' or 'preferring not to disclose' are selected, the registrant will subsequently select what gender they prefer to match up against during mixed ultimate play. For more information on gender identification, please see our Inclusion Policy.


MODS recognizes that building an inclusive culture begins with our youth. To this end, the organization is committed to developing and maintaining a positive culture in the Team Manitoba program, so that youth and future leaders are oriented toward inclusion from the early stages of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). In particular, MODS will:

  1. In order to have strong female role models for young women in sport, hire exclusively women as head coaches for all Team Manitoba female teams, along with a minimum of one female assistant coach. In the absence of qualified/interested candidates, MODS will remain committed to creating the resources in our community to train more women who can lead our junior women as coaches, role models, and leaders.
  2. Pay for any National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) or coaching training required to develop more female coaches to work with the Team Manitoba program.
  3. Have one female and one male mentor coach overseeing all development within the teams. These coaches will not only lead their own genders as role models, but will cross over and work with teams of the opposing gender as well, showing that leadership and wisdom is not gender-based. While it is important to have gender alignment of role models (especially on the female side), it's equally important that we challenge historical norms by giving young men the opportunity to value expertise from elite female players.


The MODS board is comprised of 9 directors (President, Treasurer, Secretary plus six members at large). The 9 directors are to include no fewer than 4 individuals identifying of each gender. Vacancies are to be filled in strict accordance with this requirement, ensuring a 5/4 gender split when the board is fully staffed. In the event of a vacancy with no suitable candidate of the required gender being found, the spot will be held vacant until one is found.


This conference represents the largest annual gathering of bright and committed administrators in the national ultimate community.

  1. MODS is committed to having equal gender representation in attendance at UCC. The organization will actively recruit delegates so as to ensure this balance is maintained.
  2. As needed, the cost of the clinic (which includes hotel and meals) as well as the cost of flights and child care will be absorbed by MODS to enable this participation to occur.
  3. The subsidy is available once every 3 years to an individual woman, so that other women in the community have a chance at the experience. This is not to say that an individual woman is not permitted to attend the conference by their own means during other years.


MODS is committed to an ongoing review of gender representation among full- and part-time employees, volunteers and committees/working groups, with hiring decisions to be informed by the ideal of equal representation.


MODS is committed to annual review of its programming in view of gender-equity ideals, in recognition of the fact that status quo is often more a function of history than of intent.