MODS Rule Amendments

Winnipeg Ultimate League Rule Amendments to USAU 11th edition rules 

Default Rule

If a captain is unable to field a full team for a scheduled league game, that captain must contact the opposing team's captain a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled game time and must receive confirmation from that captain acknowledging the need to reschedule/cancel. Confirmation must be in the form of a conversation or email reply. The team that forfeits their game will have one of their two performance bonds cashed. If the captain that is unable to field a team does not do this, then both of the team's performance bonds will be cashed. Any further incidents of this nature will warrant further attention.

Gender Ratio

All mixed teams must have no more than 4 players of a gender on the field at a time, except in Master’s league, in which there is a minimum of 2 players of each gender. Teams are not required to match the ratio of their opponents.

Dangerous Play Foul

If an instance of dangerous, aggressive behaviour, or reckless disregard for the safety of players is imminent (i.e. someone feels they are about to be involved in a dangerous collision), a foul may be called prior to this instance and without contact. Ramifications are handled in the same manner as any foul. 


Players must wear closed toe athletic footwear to compete in any MODS sanctioned events or games. Players may not play in their bare feet.

Darkness/Time Caps

In the interests of player safety, games will have a hard time cap to ensure they end before darkness. Both teams should agree on a timepiece to be used to determine the cap at the beginning of the game or as soon as it is apparent the game may need to be capped. When the hard time cap is reached, the point in progress may be played to its conclusion, after which the game terminates, regardless of the score (Exception: if it is a playoff game and is tied after the end of this point, one more point may be played to determine the winner). Players are encouraged to start games promptly to avoid the need to cap games.


In order for a player to be deemed eligible for playoffs, that player must have played a minimum of four regular season games (summer) and also be on that team's official roster. If a team wishes to involve a player who is not on the roster in any game (playoff or regular season), that team's captain must receive the other team captain's permission prior to the start of the game.


Observers will attend some WUL games. When an observer is present they will have the following duties: Watching games closely and assisting players in understanding the rules, including answering questions on rules and pointing out any incorrect applications of the rules. Monitoring game start times. Resolution of disputes: If players disagree on a call and are unable to resolve the dispute between themselves, one player may request a ruling from the observer. The other player(s) involved will be asked if they agree to go to the observer; if they do, the observer may give a ruling and that ruling is binding. If the issue is solely the interpretation of a rule, observers will give rule clarification. Players are encouraged to resolve their own disputes even when an observer is present. Observers may temporarily remove players from a game if they are being overly aggressive either physically or verbally, as per a spirit foul. Observers will make active line calls (in- or out-of-bounds and in/out of the endzone) when in position to make the call. All other calls remain the responsibility of the players. This includes line calls where the observer is not in position to make the call.

Rule Changes (with references made to UPA 11th edition sections)


Length of game: 15 points

Upper score limit: 15 points

Time of game limit: See ‘Darkness/Time Caps’ above 

Half-time length: 5 minutes

Number of time-outs: 3/game, with a maximum of 2/half

Starting time point assessments: 1 point/5 minutes

Game start time: 7pm*

*Scheduled game start time may be earlier later in the season and for fall league; games at some fields may start later. Check scheduled game start time on website.


End zones are 18 metres (20 yards) deep.


If the field of play is not lined, half-field cones are added exactly half-way (35 yards) between the end zones and the end zones are marked with double cones.


Only white Discraft or Daredevil brand discs may be used.


Golf cleats are not permitted. Close toed shoes are required; barefoot play is not permitted.


No game can exceed 15 points (Point Cap)

Once the Hard Time Cap is reached, the point in progress is completed and the game terminates, even if tied.


Half-time occurs when one team reaches 8 points. Half-time lasts 5 minutes.


Teams are limited to 3 time-outs per game, with no more than 2 of those being taken in any half.




An injury time-out can be called by any member of EITHER team. If the time-out is called by a member of the opposing team, play is resumed in the same manner described under VI.C.7.a.


This rule applies to the scheduled game start time (as described above for rule I.D.).


Each team must have a minimum of FOUR players to begin and continue a game. These could be of the same gender.


This amendment has been removed. The requirement to take a dropped pull no closer then the brick mark is no longer apart of our rule amendments.


Observer duties in the WUL include:

Monitoring game start time

Resolution of disputes when players on BOTH teams agree to go to the observer

Temporary removal of players from the game if they are being overly aggressive either physically or verbally.

Active line calls (in- or out-of-bounds and in/out of the endzone) when in position to make the call.