The Rule Report - Strip

April 30, 2020 at 5:40pm

MODS will be releasing a series of news stories over the next few months to help explain the changes to the rules of Ultimate which have been adopted by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and Ultimate Canada (UC). The monthly stories are here to help understand the new rules and will be vetted by Operations Director Corey Draper and Manitoba's top Observer, Josh Drury.

Rule Update #5 – Update to Strip definition

This rule change was to clear up some confusion and ambiguity around what constituted a strip or not. The new rule was expanded to include other types of fouls that cause the player in possession to lose control (i.e. someone bumping into your body opposed to direct contact on the hand or arm).

Note that a strip is a subset of fouls and is treated the same way, though there are some cases where the resolution may be different for a strip than for a general foul.  Most notably, if a receiver is stripped after gaining possession of the disc in the end zone they are attacking (i.e. which would be a scoring play minus the contact), an uncontested strip would result in a goal (see rule 12.A.2).  If the receiver were fouled such that they never had possession of the disc (i.e a foul, but not a strip), if the foul were uncontested the player would be awarded the disc at the spot of the foul, but would still need to carry the disc back to the goal line and put the disc into play there (i.e. the foul would not result in a goal). 

Note also that if the fouled player calls “foul” instead of “strip”, this call is still correct, and resolution should be based on the relevant facts of the play (did the receiver have possession, even briefly, before the foul/strip?) - if it was a strip, resolve it as such, even if the call on the field was “foul”.

The text from the substantive change document is quoted below…

“Broadened the definition of strip to include all fouls that cause possession of the disc to be lost.(17.I.4.d) [wfdf, clarity]”

The relevant sections from the new rules are listed below to view this section of the rules in its entirety please visit this link and scroll down to read more -

17. Violations and Fouls

I. Fouls (3.C): It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible. [[Avoid contact in every way reasonably possible, while still playing ultimate. Some contact is inevitable, but players have an affirmative obligation to make reasonable efforts to avoid contact.]]

4. Some fouls carry some extra provisions, as listed below.

d. Strip: If a foul causes a player to lose possession of the disc, it is a strip. A strip is a subset of fouls and is treated the same way. [[Initiating contact with a disc in a player's possession is a foul.]] [[Sustained contact with, and control of, a non-spinning disc is required to establish possession (3.J). A player may not call a strip if they had only momentary contact with or lacked control of the disc prior to an opponent contacting the disc.]]