Highlighting Members and Leaders 2021

Joely Valencerina - MODS Member Highlight

Joely has been an amazing ambassador for MODS at all levels, excelling and leading with excellence through high school, provincial team, adult touring and Canadian National teams!

To see Joely's video, click here!

Daniel Plourde - MODS Leader Highlight

Daniel (Dan) has been part of the MODS family having played the game of Ultimate through school and provincial team as a junior and adult in MODS programs/events and with General Strike as a touring player. Dan has also worked for MODS and volunteered for the organization for years, currently serving as the board president.

To see Dan's video, click here!

Quinn Wilson - MODS Member Highlight

Quinn has been an amazing ambassador for MODS at all levels, including a MODS high school provincial championship and Ultimate Canada high school national championship (both with the Kelvin Clippers high school Ultimate team)!

To see Quinn's video, click here!

February 8, 2021 at 12:00am