Pull for Pride 2023

July 31, 2023 at 11:09am

Our Pull for Pride event is just over a month away! Get to know the motivation behind this event with some words from one of our tournament organizers Jill Waruk. 

Pull for Pride Motivation 
LGBTQ2SIA+ rights are human rights. This is not a ground-breaking statement, but it continues to be an affirmation that must drive our actions in our daily lives. Sports at all levels, be it community-level soccer to Olympic track-and-field events, to professional baseball, have historically been very divisive around sex and gender. Everyone should feel safe in their efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ultimate, as well as other disc sports have begun to change its policies and regulations around gender in sport, as well as advocating for play among other LGBTQ2SIA+ communities.

Ultimate has always been a sport unlike others, focused on positivity and spirited play. It is a sport requiring only shoes and a disc and the Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports strives to expand the accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity of ultimate with the 2023 Pull for Pride ultimate tournament. It is time to turn these intentions into actions.

The Pull for Pride ultimate tournament is a one-day event being held indoors at centralized fields at the University of Winnipeg on September 23, 2023. The organizing committee is led and staffed by a diverse group of people who wish to welcome new and honour continued involvement in the sport of ultimate.

It is important to continually advocate for LGBTQ2SIA+ rights and freedoms and to provide opportunities for safe and well-meaning space for people of any identity to lead, participate, and be celebrated.

Pull for Pride Interview
Our event was featured on VC Ultimate with an interview with another fellow tournament organizer Charlotte Thrift that can be found HERE

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