Team Manitoba Program

TEAM MANITOBA COVID-19 UPDATE - April 23rd, 2020

Please Note: MODS will not operate programs until we know it is safe to do so and we have the support of our community and governance. This would require persmission from the Provincial Government, Sport Manitoba and our insurance providers (AON).

At this time we are working with our partners at Sport Manitoba and Ultimate Canada to look at all options once a safe resumption of gatherings and play is possible. We want everyone to know we are still working on plans, considering many possible options and doing everything we can to have those options ready for our junior members.

There will be updates which come out from Ultimate Canada over the next few days, weeks and months as it relates to Juniors and CUC. We will endeavour to share those updates here on this page, so all parents, athletes and coaches know what is being considered for the season (summer & fall).

As soon as we know more information, we will share that with your through this page.

Team Manitoba is MODS' most elite program for developing youth in the sport of ultimate.

Gender specific teams are made each May through the process of tryouts. Once assigned to a team, athletes will train several times per week on the field. Throughout the season they'll learn the game, and improve on skills, teamwork, and spirit of the game while working towards a National Junior Title at the Canadian Ultimate Championships to finish the season.

Play is broken into Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stages and our overall philosophy towards development. Parents and athletes should have clear expectations around the program goals.

2020 Teams and Play

MODS currently offers two girls teams and three boys teams each summer, and we welcome opportunities to build more. As of 2019 we are also looking to create a mixed non travel team which would train 2 times per week and have reduced costs. This would be an entry level team for younger players and we hope to have more details in place for tryouts.

Masters Of Flying Objects (MOFO) Boys and Girls Teams - These are the eldest and top teams in our program, showcasing athletes with the most experience and athleticism. These teams are about teaching our elite youth to experience competition and the pursuit of success and winning. Following the concepts of periodization and long term planning, the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) serves as a guideline to teams and helps them train under the "Learn to Win" development model and push very hard to increase their gameplay while pushing for podium finishes each summer at Nationals.

Both teams are annual contenders for the National Championships and coaches will empower and play their roster based on their perception of how to best position the team to win. Training is highly tactical compared to the Spitfire program and playing time is not guaranteed for any athlete. All athletes are guaranteed the chance to develop equally through practice, however gameplay time will vary.

MOFO Girls Coaches 2020 - To Be Announced

MOFO Boys Coaches 2020 - To Be Announced

Manitou Boys and Red River Rebellion Girls Teams - These are our teams which represent a little less experience, and ability or athleticism (usually because of age and experience). When watching this team you can usually see several younger players on the team, bringing their average age down from the MOFO program. MODS has geared their training to reflect their physical literacy and development, following the LTAD model these teams train under the "Train to Compete" development model and push very hard to increase their skill set before mastering team and gameplay. The goal of these two teams is to learn, have fun and push for a playoff appearance or semifinal birth at the National Championships each year. While we see an increase in focus on tactical play and results, all athletes will compete in all events and at Nationals. Playing time may be weighted based on ability, however everyone is still included in all games and growth is still a goal along with learning about the competitve aspect of the game.

Red River Rebellion Girls Coaches 2020 - To Be Announced

Manitou Boys Coaches 2020 - To Be Announced

Spitfire Boys Team - Is the youngest team in the program and the entry point for those young boys looking to get sport specific training in Ultimate. This team will average 14 years old (compared to the 17 or 18-year-old average of MOFO), and sometimes will have players as young as 12 or 13 on the team. The goal of this program is to follow the "Train to Play" model of LTAD which works to ensure that the athlete's first experience is positive in terms of fun and mental engagement while also teaching a high amount of fundamentals and introductions to standard and elite team play.

The team has an equal 50/50 playing time philosophy for the year. This team plays in all the same tournaments as the older teams to learn about the scheduling and training elements that are required through their committment over the 3 month training window. At nationals the team competes in the second division to ensure a better experience playing against teams closer to their skill and experience level. Parents should not expect this team to be playing to win games at Nationals or throughout the season. The goals of this team are to develop skill, learn the competition model and create a base framework of skill and athletic ability that can be expanded on over the next 4-5 years through the program.

Spitfire Boys Coaches 2020 - To Be Announced

To learn more about Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) - Please click here!