Adult Winter Registration

December 1, 2021 at 1:22pm

MODS Indoor Programs Update

Please note that as per Provincial Health Regulations that all indoor sports and recreation participants must be fully vaccinated.
Please see below for info on Mixed League, Women's League, 4 on 4 League, Men's Draft League & Elite Single Gender Leagues (WIWIUL & WIMIUL).

MODS Winter Mixed League Details

The 5 on 5 winter indoor mixed league will run as a 56 team league.
This is down from our normal 72 team league size.

Info - this is a 12-week season with teams playing once a week, rotating through the 7-slots the league will be using.
Venues - Sunday's at WSF South (U of M) & Tuesday's WSF North (Leila), Thursday's WSF South U of M***

Times - Sunday's 8:30, 9:30 & 10:30pm; Tuesday's 7:15, 8:15 & 10:15pm, Thursday's 6:15/7:15 split slot & Monday's***
*** Note for the last 3 weeks of the season the Thursday slots become MONDAY WSF South Slots

Expected start date - week of January 23rd

Registration - This is a team registration league. Captains register through a "pre-registration" process. Returning teams are given preference in a weighted lottery.
Once your team has been assigned a bid you will receive info on how to register your team online and pay.

Use this link to "pre-register" your team.
Individual registration will only be used if there are empty team slots after the pre-registration period.

Cost - $1260.00 per team (GST included)

For more info contact Corey

Women's League

The Women's Committee is running Sunday programs to support  the develpment and advancent of female players.
Players regiser individually and are placed on a team. Each team has a mentor coach and the league focuses on skill development of the players.

Info - this will be a 12-week season running from January 23rd to April 10th
More details to be added when they are known.

Venue - Sunday's WSF South (U of M)

Time - games will run in the 7:30pm slot this year.
*** Note the January 23rd session is a 2-hour block starting at 6:30pm, all other weeks start at 7:30pm

Registration - individual registration will be done on the MODS site. Registration will begin on Monday December 13th at 7pm
on this page.
This league filled up very quickly for the fall league with a waiting list; so you'll want to make plans to be ready to register when that date is known.

Cost - $144.00 (GST included) + a MODS membership

For specific questions about women's committee programs please contact Manitoba Women's Committee

4 on 4 League

This fast paced variant is a unique option for people looking for another option of play.

Currently the office and 4 on 4 committee are working on field space in 2022 to run a 4 on 4 league.
At this time nothing is solidified.

There is a 4 on 4 tournament on December 30th that is open to all players.

For specific questions about 4on4 League please contact 4on4 Ultimate

WIWIUL (Winnipeg Invitational Women's Indoor Ultimate League)

These leagues are for players competing at the highest level or people aspiring to do so & provide the opportunity for competitive play against Winnipeg's best players.

Info - 12-week season starting January 27th and ending on April 21st
Note - there are no games the week of February 17th

Venue - Thursday WSF South (U of M)

Cost - this is TBD (similar to previous seasons)

Message from the league...

If you have played before and want to skip reading, please sign up HERE. (link to be added)

It is that time of the year to get organized for Winnipeg Indoor Womxn's Invitational Ultimate League (WIWIUL)! This is an indoor 5-on-5 league that is played once a week on Thursdays at WSF South (U of M turf).
Game start times rotate between 8:45, 9:45, and 10:15pm. Field times will be coordinated and split evenly with the indoor men's league.

This 12-week program starts on Jan. 27th, 2022 and will continue on every Thursday until April 27th, 2022.

The objective of this league is to provide an opportunity to play high level womxn ultimate during the "off-season". And perhaps to play with some (new) friends who you may not have played with otherwise!
If you have friends who may be interested in playing in this league, please pass along this registration form to them. 

WIWIUL is currently a four-team league with limited spots. A "tryout" process may be necessary during the first weekdepending on the number of registrants. 
Please fill out the google form below by January ???

Please sign up HERE. Thanks everyone! (link to be added)

For WIWIUL questions contact - Fusion Ultimate

WIMIUL (Winnipeg Invitational Men's Indoor Ultimate League)

This league is for players competing at the highest level or people aspiring to do so.
WIMIUL provides the opportunity for competitive play against Winnipeg's best players.

Info - 12-week season starting January 27th and running until April 21st

Venue - Thursday WSF South (U of M)

Times - These leagues rotate through 8:45, 9:45 & 10:15 games
Note - there are no games the week of February 17th

Registration - WIMIUL (Open) -
(Deadline December 15th)
Sign Up Link

Cost - this is TBD (similar to previous seasons)

For WIMIUL questions contact - Strike Ultimate

Men's Indoor Ultimate Draft League (MIUDL)

This league is a good option for players to learn the Open game, be introduced to competitive play or to sharpen their skills.

Info - 12-week season starting on January 25th and ending April 12th

Venue - Tuesday's WSF North (Leila) 

Time - 9:15pm

Registration - Players sign up through this form link and then captains draft teams.

Cost - $136.50 (GST included)

For more info contact Nigel