Board of Directors Candidates 2019 AGM

What Everyone Should Know About Voting at the 2019 MODS AGM

In no particular order...

It's on Thursday, September 26th at Torque Brewing.

Doors open at 7PM. Program starts at 7:30PM - intended to be an hour long, with the vote taking place at the tail end.

There are 4 vacancies among the 9 board seats. MODS' Gender Equity Policy warrants that we end up with a 5/4 gender split (adjust for non-binary as applicable). Returning are 3 men and 2 women, meaning this election must produce 1 male and 2 female board members (plus 1, of either gender).

There are 6 candidates for the 4 vacancies: 1 returning (Daniel) and 5 new. 2 of our candidates are women, meaning both are locked in per the point above this one (Welcome, Kari & Serena!).

The remaining 4 candidates will be vying for 2 vacancies.You can read all candidate bios below. 

Candidates who are at the 2019 AGM will have a chance to address those in attendance and who will be casting ballots. Voting takes place towards the end of the AGM, with each member in attendance getting a chance and ballot to vote.


The 2019 MODS Board of Director Candidates:

Nigel Batchelor (new candidate)

Kari Bergmuller (new candidate)

Josh Kerr (new candidate)

Daniel Plourde (seeking re-election)

Sean Restall (new candidate)

Serena Vandersteen (new candidate)

Candidate Bios

Thank you to President Yacine Bara for working to put together a list of candidates and their bios heading into this years Annual General Meeting at Torque. If you would like to learn more about the people seeking to join the board, please click the link here (or the title above) to be re-directed to short but informative candidate packages. Everyone is also welcome to reach out to the President with any questions or comments about candidates and the AGM by email. We hope to see everyone on the 26th!

Nigel Batchelor


Kari Bergmuller


Josh Kerr


Daniel Plourde


Sean Restall


Serena Vandersteen

September 12, 2019 at 8:40am